New Caledonia Granite Countertops for Kitchen-Explores colors of Caledonia

New Caledonia Granite is a beautiful shade of granite which comes in many colors such as gray, white and brown. Depending on the grain textures and hues, it may have dark and slightly medium color tone. Caledonia is known for having very consistent grain pattern which makes it look so special for all kinds of interior and exterior projects.
New Caledonia granite countertops are very famous for the kitchen upgrades, they go well with the white and light colored kitchen cabinets. You can even have your kitchen island countertop designed in any color of new caledonia granite and then match it by painting the kitchen cabinets for making a nice combo for creating harmony in the decor.

Distinctive New Caledonia Granite

New Caledonia granite is very distinctive, it has very large dark crystals. Its formal appearance makes it impressive, caledonia looks very nice due to hints of black clusters it has. The black clutters are present on caledonia of all colors, in gray caledonia granite the clusters are usually very prominent it might be due to the grayish base.
New calendonia granite can be used for designing kitchen countertops, fireplace surrounds, bathroom vanities and bathroom surrounds. It can be used for making countertops for the kitchen island as well.

Names Of New Caledonia

Some other names of New Caledonia granites are Nara Brown, Caledonia Brown, Caledonia Nara,Brazil Caledonia granite, Ocre Granite, Crystal Brown Granite, Cafe Royal Granite, Ocre Itabira Granite and Gadoli Granite. It can be processed in different styles, for instance it can be polished, sawn cut, sanded and rock faces.
Polished New Caleonia granite is available in slabs, tiles and pieces on the market these days. Caledonia slabs can be used for laying the countertops, they can be used for kitchen backsplashes as well.

Features of New Caledonia

New Caledonia granite is quarried from Brazil. When used for the kitchen countertops, this granite completely changed the look and feel of the kitchen. It adds a wow factor to the interior. Basically, just like any other

granite, Caledonia has some nice features to offer such as durability is the first. Caledonia is a strong granite for the countertop it is scratch resistant, stain resistant, and heat resistant.
Due to consistent grain pattern of Caledonia slabs, sometimes it is difficult to differentiate between the patterns when two slabs are put together. They might look very similar to each other. The heavy grain paterns makes small scratches, crumbs and smudges very invisible, you cannot notice them on the surface easily because they are usually hidden from the view due to the texture of Caledonie granite (which is quite heavy for certain).
New Caledonia granite does not seem to have any uniform appearance and textures, it presents mixture of crystals nd mineral appearance, and this features makes this Caledonia very distinct. The very prominent color profile for the Caledonia is gray, however, random patches of black and brown on the gray granite surface can also be available for you.
You can pair your white, gray, brown and black caledonia granite with any style of kitchen cabinets, the best cabinet colors are white though because they make a nice combination with their mineral granite. However, if you choose to install white Caledonia granite countertops in the kitchen, they should be paired with the dark colored cabinets for creating a color balance in the kitchen.


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