Painted Picnic Tables-Amazing Hand-Painted Furniture Ideas

Blue buttefly painted picnic table with benches

Painted picnic tables are new art these days. Wooden furniture items can be transformed into wonderful and creative artworks by using painting sprays and painting items.

There are magnitude of colors, designs and patterns available in Painted picnic tables. Not only paint can be used for creating flowers, leaves, picnic table games, mandalas, scenery, bumblebees, cows, elephants, cartoons, suns, moons, monkeys, and lions etc, but they can also be used for upgrading the look of old furniture which has lost its beauty due to years of use. Everything depreciates, wooden picnic tables might lose their beauty too due to frequent usage. It’s time to turn your boring tables into very functional and colorfully painted picnic table.

Painted tables look beautiful and artistic. They present your artistic side to others. It’s really easy to do artwork and create some painted tables yourself. Not only can you paint the tables but also chairs, stools and dressers.

How they paint picnic table and how they create artwork? It is really simple to do artwork these days, there are some ready made table stencils already on the market, you can use those papers and paint those stencils on the table by spraying over the paper. Sometimes for creating a nice painted picnic table look, you first need to paint the entire wood in one nice color and then paint or spray the stencils over it. In other words, first one base coating needs to be painted on table legs and top and then spray can be used for making flowers, stencils and patterns which you love.

Painted tables with nice color combo look eye catching, so try to make a nice color combo first. Instead of using all of the colors at the same time, first imagine the design you want to make. Or else your painted table would look like a piece of experiment rather than the artwork.

For creating attractive painted picnic table, you can do a family-artwork, let your kids be involved in the project. Find the best quality acrylic paints from the market and then use it for creating nice patterns. There might be some roughness on the picnic table due to painting, it can be well taken of using a sandpaper. By scraping a sandpaper over the surface of painted picnic table, you can make it smoother and good in finish.

If you plan to go on picnic next day and you wish to have a painted picnic table before your picnic time, you can do it. We all know that acrylic paints dry very fast, you can create nice artworks easily in less than one hour if you are good at drawing. If you have no idea as what to paint on the table, you can simply make diagonal patterns, shapes or anything which can look colorful.

You can make chevrons, simple strips color contrasts for painting picnic table. Get some ideas online on painted picnic table if you are out of ideas. Before you use acrylic color, you must know how to mix primary color with secondary ones and which shades would they create. Painted table looks very good when color contrast is chosen very carefully, do not add too many harsh and bold colors for painting furniture, it might end up causing a big disaster. You do not want to get a nostalgia by over painting the picnic table. Krylon picnic table painting sprays are common these days, you can get them from any local craft and art store. If you don’t want to work with the acrylic, you can create nice painted picnic table by using Krylon colors. Krylon colors can make very pretty painted tables artworks without much effort.


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