Papasan Chairs Ikea- Styles of Single Papasan and double Mamasan Chairs for rooms

Papasan chairs were quite famous in Asian countries during 1960s, they were not recognized in the home design industry around the Europe and American until Second World War ended. These chairs became a traditional chairs for every home during 1970s and later.

Names of Papasan chairs

There are many names of Papasan chairs known today depending on their shapes, designs and structures, the most common names are moon chairs, satellite chairs, and bowl chairs. Basically, the design of papasan chair is unique- it is usually very nicely round and circular in shape, the base of the chair is made of rattan or wicker, atop the base sits the cushions, the back rest of the chair is also designed by weaving rattan or wicker material.

Papasan Chair Ikea

If you are looking to buy best quality Papasans for your room, you should consider reviewing some of the latest Papasan chairs Ikea, they are the best in term of design, functionality, features and look. I would mention that you could definitely benefit from modern styles of the Papasan chairs Ikea, because they do not look traditional and somewhat boring or out of style. Though, they are designed with wicker and rattan just like the old times, but the colors and styles of the chairs are altered a little so they could merge with the modern interior of the living room.

Single and double Papasans

There are single papasan chairs which come with one seat only. If you intend to have a chair for the room which does not have much of the space, single papasan chair would be good for it, you can keep it in the corner. For example, it can be placed in the library room or as an accent chair in the living room.
Double papasan chairs are known as mamasan chairs, so they may not be perfectly round or circular in their design but they still are very good and functional. If there is enough space in the room you can arrange one nice rattan or wicker double papasan chairs in the room, they can be paired with nice table sets.

Papasan Cushions replacement

Keep in mind that Papasans look very beautiful in the interior though, the cushions of the seats should be replaced from time to time. You should consider changing the ikea papsan chairs cushions every month because they may catch dirt and filth when exposed to open air. If you have placed papasans outdoor, it is really important that you take care of the chairs and replace papasan cushions whenever needed. Keep your chairs protected by using covers if possible.
When you go out shopping for the papasans chair, make sure that the size you choose is standard, it should be 42 inch in diameter. However, the designs of some chairs can be smaller or larger, if you cannot get your hands on a standard size, you should at least pick a chair model which has almost 40 inch diameter.

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