Patio Umbrella Lights-marquee, string lighting and solar lighting Ideas

Patio Umbrella Lights are one of the most cleverest ways of illuminating the garden and patio where there is no source of lighting in the area. Patio lighting should be chosen very carefully because they will be exposed to harsh and hostile weather conditions, you don’t want your expensive patio lights to fuse out during extreme weathers such as rains, snow fall and heavy wind.

A lot of us have at least one umbrella in the patio which is being used as a shade over the table, most commonly the umbrella is installed in the middle of the table and chairs are kept around it.  Since you will be spending a lot of time in this area, especially during barbecue parties you may use this area for having meals with friends and family members there must be some patio lighting for you and others to see easily. At least the table area should be bright so you could see what you are doing and what you are eating. There are nice and inexpensive patio umbrella lights out there which you can use for brightening up the table area as well as the patio. For instance, umbrella string lighting are quite famous these days, they can be attached to the stand itself, they are low voltage light source for the patio.

Patio umbrella string lights are very independent they do not take much of the power for producing the light to the area, most importantly they are independent. If one bulb fused out on the string, the rest of the bulbs will continue working. Good thing is that there are colorful patio string lighting as well which you can use for party themes and birthday parties.  Besides umbrella string lights you can use solar panel powered lighting, they are battery operated lights which are attached to the umbrella pole. A solar panel light works by taking energy from the sun. The battery is charged during sun light and  your patio umbrella lights will keep working as long as there is power in the battery. Besides patio solar panel lighting, you have another way to brighten up the table area and that’s by hanging battery operated bulbs, marquee lighting and individual lanterns under the patio umbrella.

Patio led lighting is another inexpensive lighting solution for large spaced gardens and outdoor furniture. These led lighting come in a variety of colors and colors, they need a transformer to work. If you choose to have patio umbrella led lighting with 12v bulbs you will need 12v transformer with it and so on.  You could power any amount of led light bulbs with this transformer.


Patio umbrella lighting should be chosen very carefully you do not want to end up paying a large amount of bill at the end of the month for operating only few bulbs. Install only low voltage patio lights in the garden under or around your umbrella. If you intend to install many bulbs, you should consider investing in a large sized transformer and then take cables from it to provide lighting to the patio.


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