Patriotic Background and American Flag Decor Ideas

People in the United States celebrate independence day on 4th of July though, however, there is a way to show your dedication and love for your country to everyone by decorating bedroom, living room, and dining room with Patriotic background. This background is based on American flag theme showing blue, white and red themes; some common American flag backgrounds are the ones which have maps of the United States as well. The wallpaper may include more detailing like Statue of Liberty, the flag with stars, firework, carnival, red white blue stars, concert picnic and barbecue.


A patriotic background which comes in sticker style is usually self adhesive, you do not need to glue the sticker on the wall, it can very much stick itself and is easy to peel off later on. On 4th of July, you can make a nice American bedroom decor by hanging American flag curtains on the windows and changing the bed spreads, it would be good to spread a theme which has American flag, there are full sizes available in the bed sheets along with the designer pillows which will accentuate the theme of the day.

When you do Patriotic bedroom decor, make sure to add some accents here and there. I am sure you can make some American flag drawings on canvas yourself, any piece of art which you will do yourself would show your love for your country. For completing the theme of 4th of July day, you can simply

use more of red, white and blue decorating ideas, add accessories, lamps and curtains in these three colors. Apply a 3d patriotic background for decorating the room, it should be good in size to be able to help with the set up.

If you do not want to do decor for 4th of July in the bedroom, the living room area can be decorated with patriotic background and wallpaper since this would be the area where you will meet friends and celebrate the day, it would be good to do American style table decoration and wall art for the day.


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