Patterned Paint Rollers- Using Stencil Rollers for Wall Stencils, Patterns and Textures

Wild rose patterned paint roller stencil textured painting roller

Patterned paint rollers and textured paint rollers are famous these days among those homeowners who love to adorn the walls of their rooms with good patterns, decorative wall textures and stencils. Create nice wall art using decorative stencil rollers which can help you transfer any kind of designs to the walls.

Making Victorian style or European style wall stencils take a lot of time, these stencils are transferred from the strip pasted paper covers which are not easy to handle. Transferring a wall pattern for making the art by using these paper covers could be time consuming. Though there are wallpapers out there with nice textures but they could be a great hassle too- there is a great alternative to wallpapers and it’s that you paint the walls using patterned paint rollers which come with several texture and decorative paint covers ideas.
Patterned paint rollers are also known as wall textured stencils rollers because they make textures on the walls when rolled over the a base color. There is a quite large variety in colors and textures to choose from such as you can make Flowers, blossomed leaves, ivy vines, trees, plants, wild roses, wild lilies, and anything from the nature. You can create decorative 3d geometric designs, shaped, triangles, circles, square shaped wall accents using patterned paint rollers. Moreover, you can draw small floral wall accents by rolling cute, tiny shaped flowers all over the walls.
You can create any kind of design for the wall art and accents. Basically, you need the best roller for that which can help in a blotch free paint application. For achieving a smooth, wall textured paint, you need to opt for the best quality patterned paint roller that could carry the design nicely and paint it smoothly. A benefit of painting through the textured painting roller is that you can remove the pattern/texture if it is not done correctly, just remove it and redo it.
Wall grain patterns, dot patterns, embossed patterns and Wagner wall patterns are easy to achieve using sleeve brush patterned paint rollers, they might come with dual roller, one roller is flat and another carries the texture and pattern. Stencil rollers are best commodity to have. If you are love painting your home yourself, you will find that making patterns is easy using stencils rollers. You can create all types of Victorian and European style wall stencils using stencil paint rollers.
Some people really love the white base coat on the walls, to give it a luxury effect, you can create an accent wall by using metallic wall paint and then creating wall stencils using stencil rollers. Metallic wall stencils will definitely be eye-catching, however, you might need some practice first. Try the patterned paint rollers over any wall first which has roughly paint to make sure that it is rolling the certain wall texture nicely and correctly. The effect must be perfect or you may end up having a very tough, irregular patterned wall texture which might look clumsy.

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