11 Best Portable Table Top Patio Heaters For Making Unforgiving Winter Warm

Table top patio heater warmth in patio garden (8)

If you are tired of replacing patio propane cylinders over and over, you should consider investing in portable table top patio heater because it puts out minimum of 10,000 BTU’s warm which is plenty to create warm you up during winter time.

If you are living in a part of the world where winters are cold and unforgiving during nights in particular, you should buy one table top patio heater for the garden, front yard or apartment balcony to keep yourself from freezing out in the outdoor. Some homeowners do not have a spacious and luxurious style patio landscape with all the added facility, though patio fireplace is a good thing to have but many of us cannot afford to have one. For those there are really nice solution for heating the patio area and that’s by using and keeping a nice table top patio heater outdoor. It can be placed near the patio table and chairs where you eat meals with the family during the days or night time.

Though table top patio heaters could be a good choice for creating heat in the outdoors but the only disadvantage is that they are not suitable for large gardens and landscapes because their heating capacity does not allow them to spread the heat all over the area, they are good to be used around the table where you sit. They are good cater for those intimate evenings when you do not require a lot of heating but still need some for keeping your body comfortable and warm in the outdoor environment.

Table top patio heaters are also very portable. You can take them anywhere else with you, if you love to go to the picnics with your friends or family members,  you can take your best table top patio heater with you and set it anywhere near the picnic table for heating up the area where you are having camping or fishing or staying up for the night. Good thing is that table top heaters are good alternatives for large heating propane units which are really expensive especially when you are refill the tanks more than once in the week. Table top heaters are good for patio because they don’t have any tank that needs to be replaced, they are mobile, light weight and easy to carry. They are extremely small as well, they can be moved around in the patio as well.

It’s been few years that table top patio heaters have been on the market, they are so much famous because they are good for all high end heating systems and units which are out there for patios and gardens.  Table top patio heater may be based on an Piezo electronic ignition which works many years. Some may have stainless steel burners and heating grids which add good feature to the style. The reflected hoods on the heater enhances the heat directs and output. For safety, there are mostly grill guard under the heater hood. The maximum size may be around thirteen to twenty one inches and weight around 14 pounds or less. All in all a table top patio heater is good alternative to propane or gas cylinders and expensive patio heaters which come with tanking systems. There are also tabpe top gas patio heaters which could be money saving solutions for you.  If you want to go for table top electric patio heater make sure that it does not consume a lot of energy or else you might end up paying huge bill at the end.




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