Pottery Barn Bathroom Vanity sets with Bathroom Storage units

Pottery barn bathroom vanity oversized round mirrors modern sink designs dark hardwood storage unit with three drawers each side table towel shelves simple floor mat indoor plants

Pottery Barn Bathroom vanity is second to none when it comes to style, durability and finish. To make your bathroom stand out, you might need to add few attractive decorative elements to the interior here and there.

Use of indoor plants is not new when it comes to setting up a realistically modern pottery barn bathroom interior, the vanity sets makes much more vibrant makeover when they are paired with nice accessories and items.  Few nice features that could make a big different in your Pottery Barn Inspired Bathroom interior are as follow; apothecary sinks are new additions, they look flat but very attractive. The sink countertop can be in marble, granite, and any other stone that you love.  It will add more beauty to the interior.

When you have Pottery Barn Bathroom vanity set in any color, make sure to invest in the bathroom cabinets as well.You can find a nice and very functional storage unit along the vanity accessories. Depending on the budget you have the storage unit can be small with two drawers or be double in size with multiple drawers along with towel racks. There must be at least one racks or storage racks for storing towels, routine life bathroom accessories and spa accessories. Sometimes Pottery barn apothecary sink comes with a separate towel bar, which works more or less like a conventional style towel rack.

You can make eclectic decor for increasing the aesthetics of Pottery Barn bathroom vanity, for example small indoor planter pots can be decorated on the sink counter top along side the candle stands and holders. Some scented candles can be decorated as well. Some nice and friendly plants can be decorated in the Pottery Barn Bathroom, make sure these are low-maintenance plants or else you will have to take extra care of them which might not be possible. Pottery barn storage units should be added to the bathroom interior for making a subtle sense of harmony and balance.

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