Rustic Baby Nursery Ideas and Rustic Nursery Themes

It is good and fairly comfortable to give a rustic baby nursery makeover to the room of your newly born kid. Having a room prepared for her or him in the rustic style would be so much fun, everything would look natural from the baby nursery bedding set to the wall decoration. If you happen to be living in an area where cabin decorations are appreciated due to the cold weather, you will definitely enjoy a rustic nursery makeover because it is worth it.

There are a lot of different things you can do using reclaimed wood, simple wooden pallets, and cedar wood, for example, by arranging and decorating a few wooden pallets on the room you can easily create a nice rustic baby nursery wall decor without doing much. Even if you have not had any plans of making DIY baby nursery bedding set, you can at least paint some wood and apply it artistically to the wall for creating that nice and soothing rustic aura to the baby nursery that you crave for. The rustic nursery bedding can be simple, it could be made of wooden, if you already have one, you can have it painted in a natural cherry or wood color. Rustic nursery bedding should be simple yet very relating to the theme.

Adding some faux fur rugs would be good, if there is enough space in the nursery for the nightstand, rocking chair and storage cabinets, you can arrange these items nicely. Make sure to place only those furniture items and nursery accessories you will need, for example a side pantry style nursery storage cabinet will be good to have in the room, you can store all baby’s food, accessories and clothing in it along with the bedding set cribs and cushions.  When all the items are available in the baby nursery, you will not have to run around the home for preparing the meals or for accessing the clothing items you need for the day. Try to use as many wooden items as you possibly can for creating an appealing wood rustic nursery decor that looks appealing.

You can create a nice and fully functional rustic baby nursery very easily by using wooden accessories, furniture and wall accessories here and there in the room. It is a trend to decorate the nursery wall with her or his name initials, it really gives a personalized touch to the nursery. There are certain rustic nursery themes which do not require you to spend a lot of money, all you will need is the old style bedding set for the nursery with a chair and storage unit that’s all. When the nursery is small already, you will not need to over crowd it to hinder your footsteps at all. If not sure what type of crib set to pick for the nursery, I suggest that you pick country nursery crib set because it goes well with almost all types of nursery themes and ideas.


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