Rustic Backsplash Ideas for Kitchen Remodeling

Rustic Backsplashes can changes the look, feel and aura of the kitchen completely, giving it a fantastic log kitchen style makeover with ease. Though, granite counter tops and backsplashes have been raved a lot for centuries, but now there are some modern kitchen remodeling ideas and techniques which are creating big opportunities for those who want to do experiments with kitchen interior and makeover. So, if ordinary styles backsplashes with stones aren’t the ones you adore with heart, there are some cool rustic backsplashes ideas for you to review and implement in the remodeling of your kitchen.

Rustic tiles and wooden materials dates back to 1950s though, but these items were being used largely for the room decoration or construction of fireplace mantel only, even rustic wood was used for making cabins and log homes in the old days. Now the interior designers are introducing rustic wood into interior in different ways and forms. If you believe and feel that rustic wood is only good for making benches and furniture for cabins, you might be wrong because now rustic pallets and limbers are using for making creative rustic backsplashes for the kitchen areas. Some are using the wood material for making other DIY decorative items as well such as wall mounted mail organier, bench storage with shoe racks and other items. In other words, if you love Rustic wood for its nice texture , good quality and color, you are free to use it for making DIY furniture items, accessories and decorative shelves for home. Nobody will ever object you for having a different taste in the interior.

Rustic Back splashes ideas with Granite and stone countertops

Though granite countertops can laid with the rustic kitchen backsplashes, but if you wish to bring some uniqueness to the interior of the kitchen, you might consider using glass tiles, fiberglass or quartz stones for the countertop. Dark chocolate stones countertops make a nice combo with rustic back splashes, however, when you use a dark colored stone or fiberglass tiles for the countertop, make sure the color is not very dark otherwise it will definitely spoil the beauty of the interior. Pebbles, tins, rustic tiles, wood pallets, stained wood timbers, reclaimed wood lumbers, and stones are some of the best materials for making rustic kitchen backsplashes. If you adore bricks, they can also be used for laying the design, they have more rustic feel than the stones and wood for certain.

If you want to give a rustic kitchen makeover to your old style kitchen areas which has granite, ordinary style wooden flooring boards and some cabinets, you should check this rustic kitchen ideas, they are charming, warm and gorgeous.  Reference link

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