Warm Rustic Living Room Set up

Rustic living rooms decorated in traditional style

It is not difficult to set up a warm rustic living room. All you have to do is to pay attention to a few design elements. It is good to start with basic such as wall painting , furniture and curtains. Once you are done with basic step up then next step would be to grab rustic livingroom accessories  for the remaining decoration. As far as paint is concerned, you can go with dark shades. Warmth feel is only possible with dark shade. But it doesn’t mean to paint your whole space with black and dark blue. It means deviation from the soft shades. Wooden matched paint color is a standard selection by most of the interior designer for vintage theme setting.

However, when floor is wooden in the rustic living room, it simply means that you don’t need to overdo wood effects. But definitely, you can choose family shades like beige, choco, dark brown, etc. Everything must stand out in its own way. Wooden tile are available in wide variety of shapes and stains, so grab them and set the floor. The curtains of your living space must match with the overall theme. You don’t need fancy designs, go with plain and simple designs which has classic appeal and touch ; after all you are going to set up a rustic living room. Last but not the least, your accessories must have antique touch. Distressed furniture is available in pawn shop, spend less and grab them for ultimate appeal. A big mirror with antique frame is a must. Pay attention to the wall graphics and ceiling.

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