Shabby Chic Bedding- Vintage interior with Shabby chic Linen and Comforiter

Shabby chic bedding is definitely a way for adding style, comfort and softness into the interior of bedroom. Shabby chic is very simple decoration which generates vintage decoration, by using shabby style linens, bedding, ruffled bed skirts, and cute pillows carrying vintage accents, you can create a nice old style interior easily.

Some colors which can be considered for shabby chic bedding sets are muted blue, pastel pinks, greens, pinks and all shades which can add soothing splash of colors. The lighter colors create a nice shabbychic interior, the most recommended ones are the pastel ones. All shades of white can also be considered, they might create a minimalistic interior rather than vintage when used excessively. Shabby linens with cute floral accents, wild, pink and red roses are the best to add for creating an eye catching decoration. Though pink is used mostly in all kinds of shabby chic room makeover, however if you feel that you want to change the bedroom interior a little bit from time to time, you can opt for shabby blue, green and white as well. Trust me they would help in the transformation of the room.
There are shabby bedding sheets with 100% cotton, some over size bed sheets may be designed with cute skirt and some ruffles under the edges. The ruffled style is becoming incredibly popular in the recent years because it adds classiness in the shabbychic bed room.

Choices for Shabby Chic bedding
Good thing about most shabby- chic linens, comforters and duvets are that they are easy to wash, they can be thrown to wash easily without having to have them dry cleaned. However, try not to choose silk bed sheets because they may be difficult to handle. They should be spread once in the while.
Besides bedding sets, you can add shabbychic look in the bedroom by incorporating beautiful shabby chic fabrics and accents such as cute floral accent curtains, chair covers, decorative pillows having patterns, table runners, lampshades and table covers. Make sure that the furniture you are having in the room is also going well with the shabbychic bedding sets because there must be a theme for the room, or it might look desultory.

Cottage style bedding spreads
A nice cottage style shabby-chic bedroom can be decorated with old style accessories as well, if you love vintage accessories such as Victorian paintings, some vintage clocks, and creative wall arts, you should incorporate them to add a nice shabby character to the room. The more theme related items you add to the place the better your shabby chic room will look.
French country shabbychic bed spreads are also making a quite a big buzz these days, they are considered cute and contemporary, they will not look old provided that the pattern you have chosen has both classiness and vintage appeal all together.

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