Small bathroom floor plan with illustrations

A floor plan it a type of sketching and drawing which illustrates how a room will look like after the decoration and construction is done. Small bathroom floor plans are very important to built when you are facing the challenge of remodeling a small spaced bathroom and the budget is tight.

If you think that it is not possible to have a corner style closet in the plan, you should think again. Even in the small spaced bathroom you can have a closet for storing and organizing your clothes and other items which you might have in the home. If there is no closet at all in the bedroom, there should be one in the bathroom area so you could organize the clothing items, scarves, winter apparels easily. A nice closet organizer can also be had in the floor plan, it all comes down the right strategy, your bathroom must be designed in such a way that it could accommodate some cabinets as well.

Sometimes a small bathroom is designed with a laundry room in the plan, all the laundry room items and essentials are added on to the bath area in an orderly manner but this can be done only when there is some space available in the bath area. If your bath area is too small, you should have its floor plan designed with the shower and some bathroom essentials only.

Overall the layout must not provoke a bath design which might look clumsy and over crowded. If there is no space or place for arranging big vanities, you should cut them from the plan and it would be good if you go for the medium sized vanities, they will fit nicely.


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