Stained Glass Floor Lamps Present lighting artworks for the decor

Artistic metal artwork on stained glass floor lamps with wooden stand

Stained glass floor lamps are very famous these days, basically they have a different and distinctive glass lamp shade which is designed with stained glass panels. They create a colorful ambiance in the room where they are installed. Some homeowners are created stained glass panels into the ceiling designs as well for making a conversation room set up.

Stained floor Lamps in trends

A good stained glass floor lamp light could sometimes be just way more than a lighting source for the bedroom, dining room, living room, and lounge room. It could be artistic and beautiful, particularly if the design is different. There was a time when stained glass windows were built in the Church, but the purpose of those windows was different, they were presenting biblical stories in the Church or were used for illustrating different stories from the Bible.

Famous brands offering best quality stained glass floor lamps

These days, stained glass has different purposes, particularly in the home design industry. Few art pieces which can be constructed out of stained glass are as follows: glass table tops on the furniture designs, stained glass floor lamps for ceiling and floor, chandelier lighting, stained glass flooring for the bedrooms and living rooms, stained glass swimming pools, windows and doors panels/panes, decorative mirror art pieces for the walls, beautiful vases for the table decoration, and eclectic wardrobe mirror or side mirrors for the vanities.
As for the stained glass floor lamps, there are many different colors available for you to choose from. Some of the famous brands which are offering the best styles of stained glass floor lamps are Tiffany, Dragonfly, and Seventh Avenue.

Choose best shades of stained glass floor lamps for creating aura

Depending on the color used on the stained lamp shade, your will create colorful lighting in the room from red to green to purple. When you pick a particular stained glass lamp shade, make sure that it is not very dark because it will create a very mythical or Gothic style aura in the room.
You could place stained glass floor lamp anywhere in the corner of the room, Most people place them in the living room because the stained glass lamp shade adds very nice colorful aesthetic value to the interior of the room. It could be placed in the bedroom, when all ceiling and wall lighting fixtures are off, you could use your stained glass flooring lamp to brighten up the room in the dark.


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