15 Creative Stone Shower Designs Ideas for Bathroom Remodel

Corner doorless stone shower walls bathroom concrete floor

Stone shower designs can add more aesthetic to your bathroom interior. Concrete bathroom floor tiles are famous but they look beautiful at all. The only option most homeowners have for bathroom flooring is the marble tiles or designer floor tiles which are out there, but not anymore. When we are blessed with so many natural stones and granite colors why should we opt for tiles or floor slabs.

Choices for Making Stone shower designs

If you intend to make a very organic style stone shower designs, there are many choices available in the natural stones for you which might help you with a cool bathroom remodel. Some very known bathroom wall and flooring stones are marble, sandastone, Travertine, Onyx, Limestone, soapastone, and slate.You can use any one of these stones for making a stone bathroom shower design.

Nonetheless, there are many good modern style bathroom fixtures and shower stalls which can help you integrate that forest style bathroom makeover but make sure that you choose the best stone first. Here are some features you need to look for when you pick stone for bathroom shower, wall and floor design.

Maintain your Stone Shower walls and floors

Stone or granite whatever you choose is good for the interior. It can stay in a good condition for long time. We all know that surface of many stone turns white in color when exposed to water in the shower. When you choose stone for bathroom shower, you need to make sure that the stone can be maintained easily for impeding meldew and molds.

For bathroom walls on which you intend to stack the stone, you can use install ready-made stacked stone shower walls which come with rock paneling system. The panels are easy to install, they save a lot of time. They can be laid and ground using standard ceramic and porcelain materials.  When a stone shower wall paneling also save time because you do not have to go through traditional style hand stacking needed for building and erecting the stone wall in the bathroom shower.

Pick the best stone for shower

You need to pick the best grade stone for the bathroom shower, because you really don’t want to replace the walls over and over. You need to be good at taking care of stone shower walls as well because they would be exposed to water frequently, to keep their polished finish well maintained, you must clean them regularly or else your bathroom will be bereaved of its natural beauty sooner or later.

Stone shower walls and flooring look beautiful though. It might take a lot of time for stacking the stones one by one on the floors, there are some nice stone tiles which are available on the market or the slabs can also be used for laying the bathroom floor.

Shower Fixtures

Bathroom shower stone makeover is easy to achieve though, it is really important for you to pick appropriate location for the shower fixtures. They should be installed too high or too low. I have seen some bathrooms in which the fixture is kept simple with only one shower from which the water comes down upon switching the faucet. If this type of fixture is something you love, your interior may look very different.

To keep your bathroom stone shower walls very cleaned, you must find a way for cleaning the soap scum from the place or else it may just stick to the stones easily, spoiling the beauty of the place. Remove molds and meldews regularly as well.


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