Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles for replacing Popcorn Ceiling

Popcorn ceiling looks ugly, dusty and most times outdated. You can remove it pretty easy and replace it with Styrofoam ceiling tiles which come in minimalist design to suit the interior of any room.

Styrofoam ceiling tiles are made of expanded polystyrene foam which is being used these days for making drinking cup, walls, floors, boxes and many household items. Due to its good insulation capability, Styrofoam tiles can help save monthly electricity bills. Basically Polystyrene foam is made from XPS which is generally blue in color, it is also referred as EPS in short words. Styrofoam tiles are quite inexpensive, lightweight and easy to install on the ceiling of walls, for being sturdy, they are the best tiles for hiding, removing and replacing ugly looking popcorn ceilings.
There are many colors available in Styrofoam ceiling tiles, each company has a different color pallets to offer for Styrofoams tiles, for example, you can find some metallic gold, silver, and blue hues easily. However if you do not want your polystyrene foam ceiling tiles to be in any particular color, white would be the good choice because white tiles go well with all types of interior of the rooms.
For preparing the ceiling for Styrofoam tiles you will first need to remove pop corn ceiling. Prepare the space for it and make sure it is clean. Use vacuum cleaner for removing dust, cobwebs and dirt particles. Use damp cloth for removing the stain from popcorn ceiling. However, do not touch it if was installed before 1980s or anytime before, it might have asbestos particles which are dangerous for respiratory organ. Hire someone to have your pop corn ceiling removal, it would be safe.
For the installation of Styrofoam ceiling tiles, you need to make a grid first by installing a drop ceiling fixture containing grid sections. You can easily install the tiles over the grid for making the new ceiling design, however if you have little to no knowledge you can hire a builder for it, for a little amount they will replace the pop corn ceiling with the Styrofoam tiles by installing them safety.

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