Swag Lamps Back in Trend as Modern Retro Lighting Fixtures

Swag lamps were in trend during 1970s and 1980s, their popularity was immense during that time because they were the only classiest and modern style lighting fixtures of those eras. The most common style was the chain style through which the lamps were hanging over the kitchen countertops, dining table, living room table and breakfast nook, providing direct lighting to the broad areas. Even hanging swag lighting fixtures were installed over the basement pool tables as well.

Hanging Swag Lamps for Reviving Retro modern interior

Swag lights hanging with the chain, crate very artistic and appeasing aura to the location where they are installed. Today any business or commercial place where retro vintage interior is done swag lighting fixtures are incorporated as well, because they produce a harmony when paired with decorative accessories in the room. Today swag lamps are still popular with modern style lamp shades they come with. Some lamp shades for the swag lighting are designed in modern style, retro modern style, tainted and stained glass style, silk and fabric style.

Vibrant colors in Swag lamp shades

Swag lamps with lamp shades usually come in vibrant colors, some have very glossy look, some are designed in a crafty stye by hand painting the shade or doing the embroidery over it, they can be purchased in stores. Swag shades may be made of glass or other material, good thing is that now they are available in colored style.

The most common lighting is swag chandelier after swag lamps, they come in form of multiple lighting arm which connect with each other through a chain which is usually a light weight metal. The swag chandelier with hanging chair connecting different lamps add value to the room aesthetic, they are designed for broad and vast areas. For example , if you are planning to buy a chandelier lighting for the dining room, the swag chandelier would be good to add to the interior, it will create a nice retro-vintage style aura to the room.

Plug in style swag lamps make installation easy

Advantage of buying and decorating plug in swag lamps is that they cannot be plugged in directly, there is no complicated wiring needs to be done into the ceiling or on the walls. The plug in option helps you put the swag lighting into action without having to spend any money on the installation. The advantage can be availed when you have a swag chandelier light with multiple lamps.

Some of the modern style swag lamps are usually fitted with elegant style fabric or silk shades, I have seen some of the people doing handmade work as well. Using thread or wicker they design nice swag shades for the lamps very easily and they connect the lighting to the chain, hang it to the ceiling o somewhere else in the room. The lighting casts a very nice colored glow depending on the shade color used.

Colored swag lamp shades for occasional decoration

Swag lights with colored shades  (on swag lamps)are very common fixtures for modern day five stars hotels and restaurants. Carved and stained swag shades are also included in the interior for creating intimate table light in the restaurant. For romantic table decoration, a small sized table swag lamp would do the same ( in case you plan to celebrate a special day with your spouse or partner, the lights will come handy).

Swag lamps can be added to the interior of entertainment room, basement game room, old style dinning room, and in any room where you want to create an eclectic style decor without spending much money. These days some high end swag lamps are designed with cute chains (wrapped with velvet or other material), and then swag lamps  are paired with nice beaded shade which usually features crystal beaded trim. They look impressive and classy in the room.

Good thing is that swag lamp lights are available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes these days, they come with colored swag shades as well. They can be used for decorating rooms for almost all occasions.



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