Tankless Toilet for Small Bathroom designs

American standard tankless toilet design white color paper towel stand on the side

A lot of you might be wondering as what is a tankless toilet system and how it is different from the traditional style toilets? As the name suggests a tankless toilet is one that is designed without any tank. It does not have any button or handle to press which flushes away the waste. Instead it is based on a motorized pump action that pulls in certain amount of water in the bowl.

A tankless toilet works the same way as a traditional toilet work except for the fact that it has no tank at all. It has a flush lever, water comes from within the sewerage pipe from the mainlines. If the toilet is installed against the wall, the pipes are connected beneath it and the water comes from the home’s water supply system. In order to whisk away the waste, the toilet must have the ability to pull large amount of water from the pipe or least it should not considered functional at all.
A tankless toilet system looks way compact than the traditional toilets because it is designed without any tank. So there are usually no complicated plumping work needed to be done on the walls. When you have a toilet system which is tankless it also saves some two to three feet space in the bathroom area. This space can be used for adding other bathroom essentials such as cabinet, mirrors, sink or towel racks.
I must say that tankless toilets are revolutionary bathroom accessory, however their function depends on the motor pumps which works with the electricity. This toilet system is good for those homeowners who want some freedom with their bathroom remodels. Instead of installing conventional style vanities and a traditional tank operated toilet, they can configure the tankless toilet to feel more comfortable with the bathroom space. Good thing is that this toilet does not take much of the space. The only disadvantage of having a tankless toilet is that it does not function well during electricity outage because it works when there is electricity supply because motor pulls water only with pressure. If you have generator in your home, you will not face any toilet malfunction at any time.  There are many companies making tankless toilet designs for small bathrooms such as Toto and Kohler, you should check what colors they are offering.

The best color to have for tankless toilets is white,it looks compact and nice. It also merges well with the small bathroom interior and cabinets easily.

Reference on how a tankless toilet works, https://home.howstuffworks.com/

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