Tips on laminate flooring cleaning and maintenance on daily basis

Laminate floors have a lot of advantages and disadvantages. These floors looks very beautiful,sturdy and glossy in the interior of the home,they definitely add elegance to the beauty of room. However, these floors are made of fiber and wood, each plank is consist of a lot of fibers along with wood and then it is covered with a sealant for the protection. When laminate floors are not kept cleaned properly they become dirty and dirty because the dirt particles got caught inside the fiber. The floors could lose its shine and gloss if you don’t clean them properly. There are different colors available in the flooring now such as white laminated flooring, gray laminated flooring and wood laminated flooring, however, the new type which is water resistant is called waterproof laminated flooring.

For Cleaning old style wood Laminated floors:

Here are some tips on laminate flooring cleaning and regular maintenance:Use simple mop with fine and soft bristle to clean the laminated floor. The ideal liquid to use for the cleaning is water though, you can add some vinegar to the water to reduce the alkaline in it and then dip the mop in the water. Sweep softly on the floor, the bristle of the mop will catch all the dusts particles present on the surface. Do not try to use heavy amount of water on the floor it could cause the wood to sustain white spots which are hard to get rid of.
Another easy way to clean the laminate floor is the use of dry vacuum cleaner that comes with a disposable pad. All the dirt will get attach to the pad itself without doing much. However, you need to avoid pushing the vacuum cleaner too hard on the laminated wooden floor because it could cause some scratches on the surface.
I recommend you to use a combo of rubbing alcohol along with a window cleaner and use a mop to clean the laminate floor with this liquid. Don’t use too much of the liquid on the laminated wood floors, just use it in the modest amount and keep your hands easy on the mop as you sweep through the area where dust is accumulated on the surface of the floor.
Never use harsh detergent and dishwasher, they will leave heavy marks and scratches on the laminate floors which cannot be cleaned or removed without doing the repair. Once the scratches appear they cannot be erased,it is just that you have to be cautious with your cleaning process. Harsh cleaning chemicals would remove the glossy finish of the laminated wood floor you should avoid any cleaning product on the floor without reading about the ingredients.

Waterproof Laminated Flooring advantages:

If you have old wood laminated floors laid everywhere in your home, you might consider remodeling your kitchen or living room and have the old wooden boards replaced with the waterproof laminated flooring because it will not require much cleaning through liquids, also it is naturally water resistant due to the seal coats which are applied over the wood. Though, wood is the basic materials used in the design of waterproof laminated floors, but their quality is highly due to the sealants done for protecting the outer surface. Waterproof laminated flooring can be laid in the living room, kitchen and anywhere in the home , it has a natural gloss finish and additional features which keep the wood in good condition for long time period.

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