Tray Ceilings Definition and Benefits You Must know

Tray ceiling in dining room tray is matched with chair fabric

When it comes to selection of ceilings, you often heard about tray ceilings. So, if it is your first time to this word then it is time to know more about this ceiling design and its associated benefits. I’m going to share a gallery of pictures which help you better understand this design.

What is Tray Ceiling?

Tray ceiling is also named as inverted and recessed ceiling. This design has a center section that is several feet higher than the areas around the perimeter of the room. The perimeter is painted with beautiful colors just to blend the center area with overall space and give your room an aesthetic appeal.

Here are some advantages you get from Inverted ceiling design.

Theme flexibility: It allows you to go with almost any color schemes. Light and dark color combinations for tray ceiling kitchen is so common. The border of the ceiling usually have dark shades while flat area got light shade for making your kitchen look big and airy. Another idea is to choose some murals for flat area and decorative borders. This idea increases your tray ceiling cost but everyone who will look at your ceiling would simply love it.

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Enhanced Volume: This particular ceiling design increases your space and volume. Your room looks larger. So, when you have a small room and want to create an illusion of large space then you should consider this ceiling designs. It would offer more space in less area.

Beautiful Height:The central flat area of ceiling would create a strong height impact in your room. It seems like you have a tall area to work with. People usually hang big crystal chandelier on the middle of the central area just to give a luxury height appeal to a space.

Tray Ceiling Decorating ideas

Here are some ideas you can pick to enhance beauty and appeal of your ceiling designs.

  • Add a chandelier in your in the liv
  • ing room ceiling. It would bring a royal touch.
  • Set some dimmer accent light alongside the border of the ceiling.
  • Go for color contrast idea. It means dark shade for perimeter and light shade for center area.
  • Fancy wall murals on center area of tray ceiling in bedroom would simply look eye-catching.
  • When you are going to decorate kitchen ceiling, make sure you install two instead of one chandelier.

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