Tree Planter Boxes for Patios and front yard landscapes

Black metal square shaped tree planter boxes for apartment balcony

Beautiful trees, colorful flowers and green plants enhance the look of the home garden and landscape.Unfortunately, sometimes there is not enough place to grow large sized trees in the landscape, for those who do not have enough garden space may use nice tree planter boxes because they make gardening possible even when the small is very congested. You can create a welcoming landscape by using wood planter boxes in the garden they are quite cheap.

Any size of tree planter boxes would be good for the garden, however if you want to grow large sized trees such as palm trees or bonsai trees you might need large sizes. They will enhance the beauty of entryways, garden, patio and front yard. The materials available in the garden planter boxes are wood, matte metal, cast iron and simple rustic style wooden pallets. The wood planters are quite cheap and easily available these days, they are also light weight.
If there are wooden benches then you can also make the use of bench planter boxes, they make a nice combo in the garden when placed with the conventional planters. You can display the beauty of the garden quite easily by keeping the different sized of planters in order, the large sized can also be used for the garden edging and for decorating the wood or metal fences if there are any.

Different plants and trees needs different soil and food in order to look their best in the landscape. When you buy wood tree planter boxes or metal ones, make sure to grow one breed of tree/plant/flower in one planter, this way you will be in a good position to have  total control of the soil and nutrients which are needed to nurture that specific tree or flower breed.

When you use traditional style tree planter boxes, there is one thing you need to make sure that the tree is getting enough water needed to be in a good condition because plants and trees tend to dry out much faster in the boxes than they do in the traditional gardens. So be sure that your trees, garden plants and flowers are getting enough water and nutrients which they require.

The best advantage of having  tree planter boxes in the garden is that they can be moved from place to place You can place them in the sun, move them to the patio or backyard or any place which you believe would be suitable for them. You can  keep small individual planter boxes together and heavy duty planters in another place for growing shrubs and trees. Yes, do not forget to invest some money in buying some window boxes and indoor planter boxes as well, they add quite beauty to the interior. Usually a planter box does not rod with time, it takes 10 to 30 years for a redwood planter box to decay, as for the wood there is no specific time, if you take proper care of the boxes they will last longer. How about painting them in good colors? They will enhance the beauty.

You should also try washing the boxes every five to six years to clear away the grim which has been accumulated over the years. Use a good spray for power washing and make sure to coat the planter boxes with any sealant to protect the surface from UV rays.  When you do power washing on wood boxes, make sure not to spray close to the spray, if the smooth is rough, you can use sandpaper to lighten it up and smooth it down a little. After sanding the wood you may cover the surface with the stain and sealant which you believe would work best for your outdoor planter boxes.

reference:If you are interested in building tree planter container yourself, here is a guide.




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