Triple Bunk Beds and L-Shaped Bunk Beds for Adults Room

Beautiful cherry wood triple bunk bed designs modern style

Gone are the day when triple bunk beds were designed with three bedding sets arranged over each other in vertical style. Not only were those three vertically arranged bunk beds huge in size, they did not also allow enough breathing space to users at all. Traditional style adult loft bunk beds are not cutting any more today.

Now people have changed their taste for the adult furniture sets, they want furniture to be more compact and comfortable for the room regardless of the space available for it.  Now there is a rule that there must be two feet of gap between the top bunk bed and the ceiling, which means whether there are three loft beds attached together in a L-shaped bunk beds or simply two loft beds, they need to be built properly with a proper height from the floor and they need to have a proper distance from one each other.

Due to requests for the design changes, now many bunk bed manufactures are making new angle on top bunk beds for adults, now only does the new angle make the bedding set to look attractive but also very functional.  Even if the room is space and there is not much space, an L-shaped Triple bunk beds can be arranged in such a way that the space is optimized itself.   Modern style triple loft beds or bunk beds are far cry from their tall countertparts which were designed centuries ago.

Bunk beds now offer three loft bedding sets for the adults which usually feature two bunks on the upper side and one bunk bed on the ground. Some bunk beds are also designed with additional features such as storage headboards, bookcases, computer table, storage cabinets, and other elements which could add more to the functionality of the triple bunk beds.

As for the size of the bunk beds there are many choices available for you, there are queen sized beds, two full size beds with one twin, two long twin bunk beds and a full set.  If you have four kids who sleep in the same room, you can add a trundle bed with the loft set for adding a fourth sleeping area easily.

Most people who buy triple bunk beds for the kids only use two bedding sets for two children while the third bunk is reserved for the other reasons, sometimes kids invite their friends to the home for sleep overs, the third loft bed can be used by the guests and friends of the kids.

There are some types of triple bunk beds which provide the option for separating the bed from the unit, when the bed is separated the bunk bedding turns out to be a stand alone unit. This technique works well when you plan to save some space in the kids’ room or intend to make space for arranging other furniture such as kids clothing unit or book case shelf.  In other words, when you have a featured style L shaped bunk bed, you can separate one bed out of it when it is needed.  When your family grow, you can put the bed back to the L shaped bunk bed for providing more sleeping area. In fact, the bed that you will detach can be stored anywhere in the garage unless you need it back.

L-shaped bunk beds often come with staircase as well and a separate side-storage unit. These features are very fictional for the room where there is not much space for arranging additional furniture items such as book case racks or cabinets.



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