14 Most Attractive Tuscan Style Homes Designs

Luxury tuscan style house plans

Tuscan style homes designs are becoming very popular since they bring beauty and elegance side by side. This particular style has unmatched features with other styles available for home décor. Small Tuscan style homes look cute while luxury Tuscan house plans are simply inspirational.

Normally Tuscan designs are a combination of mind blowing exterior and attractive interior. You would love to  striking stone veneers, barrel tile roofs, arched windows and terracotta tiled courtyards in modern Tuscan house plans.

For your next home plans, you would definitely like to consider Tuscan home plans with casitas. The reason of picking such plans is to get a house which has stunning decorating from front to back. The windows, doors, roof and every single element of this design has chic finish and modern look.

When it comes to Tuscan style homes interior, then you can imagine a place with spa-like bathroom, luxury bedroom, wide –airy living room and modern kitchen. Some people like to add rustic touch in their Tuscan architecture design and then to make its combination with modern interior. In this way, you are able to make a classic and modern combination.

However, modern Tuscan style home look more attractive as compared to classic one. The tiles for home interior are chosen with care. Light color tiles look perfect but people who want to add some elegance touch consider making a combination in their  Tuscan farmhouse plans. They choose light shade for the tiles and then make a contrast with dark shade tiles or paint.

Modern Tuscan style homes designs have different themes such as French, Italian, American and Classic. Now it’s totally up to you what kind of Tuscan house plans with courtyard you like the most. French brings beauty, Italian seems striking while American designs homes are regarded the best ones.

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