Get Unique Christmas Tree Toppers Ideas

We all want to decorate our Christmas tree in the best way. Today, I would like to share some unique Christmas tree toppers ideas with you. Instead of following the  same old tradition of setting toppers of your Christmas tree. You have to think about some brand new ideas. These ideas will let you design your christmas tree in a beautiful and attractive ways. Let’s check what I have for you.

whimsical christmas tree toppers

If you like musical touch and style, it is suggested to set some music tapes, cassette player, guitar and similar things as your unique Christmas tree toppers. This way, you can add a punk touch into your tree.

large christmas tree toppers

Don’t go for something very small  when it comes to overall decoration of a Christmas tree. People usually set a small star and a red ball on the top ; which looks good but not all the time. You have to think something new and amazing. A very large artificial piece of world’s renowned building such as Burg Khalifa, White house, Pentagon, etc can be used as unusual Christmas tree toppers ideas.

vintage christmas tree toppers

Add some classic touch into your overall tree decoration. For this purpose, you can decorate tree with vintage items such as old-style house, classic candle stands and similar things.

Diy angel tree topper

Grab an Angel decorative piece from the market and add your own touch and style into it. You can change color of angles wings and use some chains to make your angel look very different.Normally people are used to grab angel christmas tree toppers but you have to make sure that you add something different touch into it.

funny christmas tree toppers

People with great sense of humor usually like to decorate Christmas tree in a funny way. I have a DIY funny topper idea for Christmas tree. All you have to do is to find a funny picture from the internet. Print this picture, paste it on an old frame and then use it as a unique Christmas tree topper. Do you like to give a try to this idea?

how to make a xmas tree topper

Do you want to make a Christmas tree Topper? I have found an amazing video that would help you create an amazing topper. Don’t miss it


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