White Antler Chandeliers for Sprucing Up Rustic Room Decor

White antler chandeliers look very gorgeous because of its unique color. We all know that the antlers lighting, rustic fireplace with stones, and reclaimed rustic wood artwork in the room are seen as the few known jewel of every second rustic decor. The antler art along with dark furniture usually accompanies a dark interior in the rustic cabin and lodge interior. These days, antlers with lampshades can be found in very high end boutiques, restaurants and resorts in many places where rustic is considered as the best winter decor.

White Antler Chandeliers Look Unique in Rustic Environment

Typical styled antlers have been used throughout history, in the ancient times they were original ones, often were byproduct of the animals which were haunted by people. Antler were used for creating tools, weapons and many other decorative items in the past. Even they were used by Chinese in their tonics for various types of ailments in the past.

During Roman time period, antlers were used for decorative purposes, they were also being used as loop fasteners. With time, there were changes in the use of antlers, for example during medieval time in Europe, candles came into scene wit the candle holders and antlers were used almost for the same purpose. Some designers started using antlers for holding hanging candles, which gave birth of candelabras. The modern antler chandelier is based on early time candelabras concept as well. The only difference is that now electric lamps, crystal lighting and bulbs have been added to the designs.
Wooden antlers chandeliers are the common type of lighting, used for the rustic cabin or rustic living room interior these days. But some people feel that having everything dark is good though but it somewhere steal the life of the interior. White for being a very prominent hue, might help brighten up the interior. For the same purpose, white antler chandelier is used for brightening up the interior a little bit. As wooden is the common material used for years, now the designers are changing the trend for the rustic decor by introducing new lighting options such as white antler chandeliers lighting fixtures are being added to the rustic environment to create some life to the decor.
There are now many designs in the white antler chandeliers, some comes with the bulbs, other have shades with the lamps, some are designed with the led lighting as well to create a mysterious aura in the rustic decor. Rustic antler lighting is famous these days but wood is not the only materials for the design, some people love real products such as deer antlers are quite famous in the rustic decor.

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