12 Fascinating White Brick Fireplace Decorating Ideas

Rustic white brick fireplace

Need some Amazing White brick fireplace decorating ideas? You are at the place where you will get some great ideas and tips which will help you do perfect white brick fireplace makeover. So, let’s begin this fun.

Use Mirrors for Fireplace Decor

You can set some beautifully mirror on the wall of your fireplace. This mirror will reflect living room furniture’s charm and beauty. You can pick any shape of mirror but make sure that you get a mirror with very attractive frame.

For painted white brick fireplace, you can grab frame in almost any color. Since any color will make a perfect combo with your white brick fireplace walls. Some good colors are golden, black, and zinc.

Candle Stands for White brick Fireplace Decor

None of us can imagine lime wash brick fireplace white without candles and its chic stand. Don’t buy a cheap stand but try to get a vintage look in your stand.

DIY White brick fireplace decorating idea is to paint your candle in a color of your choice. This idea seems great when you have an old stand and want to refresh it look with extra charm. What do you think? Would you like to try this rustic white fireplace DIY décor idea?

Best Colors to Paint brick fireplace?

When you have a brick fireplace then you can paint it in many different colors. Even you can change shade of your white painted brick fireplace into any other shade you like. One idea is to match shade of your brick fireplace with that of your furniture. Another idea is to create a contrast.

If you have decided to pick white paint then you can enhance overall beauty of living room by making a combination of white brick fireplace with grey walls. This combo is super chic and you can get a modern white fireplace look through this idea.

Rustic White Brick Fireplace

These days, people have started taking interest in rustic and vintage style. When modern fireplace is not what you need, make your living room elegant with rustic one. Check pictures of white fireplaces and explore some more amazing ideas.


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