Wine Glass Holders- The advantages of Metal and Wood Wine Glass Racks

Hanging wine glass holder rack for storing stem glasses

If you have a big collections of wide, stemmed, tapered, stemless, flared or narrow wine glasses, you need to have a space-efficient wine glass holder with racks and cabinets in your kitchen.

There are already many items in the kitchen countertops which need to be organized, you must be placing your toasters, sandwich makers and other kitchen machines on the area. Keeping all of the utensils on the kitchen countertops would make them look clutter and overcrowded. When there are many wine glasses in the kitchen, they are not easy to handle, they can break easily. You cannot afford to buy a new set of six glasses every now and then. To sort it out and to keep the kitchen countertops free of clutter, you should invest some money in a nice wine glass holder.

There are many types of wine glass holders depending on the styles of the glasses you have. Three best  types of wine racks and cabinets are as follows:

Undercabinet wine glass holders: They are made of wooden base, they can be installed under the kitchen cabinets. Depending on the size and width of the undercabinet wine glass holders, you can hang up to 100 to 200 glasses easily on the stand.  When you buy undercabinet wine glass holders make sure that it will go well with the interior of the kitchen, if you are unable to find appropriate color of the wood on the undercabinet wine glass holder, you should buy one that has aluminum or steel in the design. Since this area will not be exposed to water daily, it will not catch rust for certain.

Wine bottle and glass holders: There are certainly other types of stemware racks, wine bottle and glass holders along with wall mounted wine glass racks and shelves out there which you can incorporate in the kitchen design to keep it clean and well organized.  If you have a habit of storing the wines right inside the kitchen, you should opt with the wine bottle and glass holding racks, they come in pretty designs and sizes. Large sizes can hold up to six wine bottles easily. Under the wine racks are the glass holders on which you can hang six to seven glasses or more depending on the size of the space available.

Wall Mounted wine glass racks and shelves: I am in love with wall mounted wine glass racks and wall mounted wine bottle racks, they kind of come in a one piece storage unit. Not only can you store the wines on the racks but also place your glasses there. When you mount the pallet rack on the wall, make sure you don’t hang it too high so a person with average height could be able to access the glass. The shelving on the storage unit allow you to store wines alongside the glass easily.You can make a wine rack out of wooden pallet yourself if you have budget, guide here.

Hanging stemware glass holders : As the name suggests, they are used for hanging wide collection of wine glasses, they create a nice bar stool makeover to the kitchen. Hanging wine glass storage units are the best, they can be placed anywhere in the kitchen, they create a very nice effect. You can use these wine glass storage racks in the basement bars and indoor entertainment bar.


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