Wooden Daybed Ideas- Day bed with Trundle and Wood Frame

Indoor swining wooden daybeds sets swining wood day bed hanging from the ceiling

Wooden daybed or Wood day bed comes in variety of different tones these days. Some common types of woods used in wooden daybed are cypress, oak, teak, and cherry wood. Cherrywood daybed adds a warm and welcoming feel to the interior.

In wood day bed there are plenty of color choices for you, for creating a rustic feel to the interior, cherry wood daybed can be brought in the home for transforming the room, its cozy, light mahogany brown color will produce harmony with neutral or white colored interior of the room. Besides, cherry wood, plenty of styles are available in oak and cypress wood day beds.
Wooden daybed with trundles are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture to have for the kids rooms, additional guests and living room. You can lounge on your comfy wood day bed for reading a book, having a coffee with your friends/pals, watching television and writing a story. Besides, your wood day bed can also be used for naps during mourning hours, by removing pillows from the daybed you can turn into a nice sleeping bed space.
For small rooms, wood day bed with trundle can be a nice space saver, the trundle comes in form of adjustable drawer below, you can pull it out for making extra bed or sitting area for the guests or friends. When not in use, the trundle can be pulled back right underneath the wooden daybed back. It really saves some space.Preparing an extra day bed set for the guests would not be hard during unexpected sleepovers.
As for the daybed frames we know that most common are metal day bed frames, aluminum day bed frames and wooden day bed frames. Now wicker,rattan, plastic and tufted daybed set frames are also out there in use. Tufted and upholstered  day bed set frames look nice but they look more like sofa sets in their styles. I must say that wooden day bed frames are the best, they look subtle and comfortable in designs.
Wooden daybed with trundle and additional storage can be chosen for the kids rooms, they can provide good storage solution for school books, clothes, kids’ accessories and for many other items which need to be stored safely in the drawers and cabinets.
Traditional style wood day beds look nice though, they may not feature a book case storage, cabinets and shelving units, which you must have for the rooms for storing items. Simple wooden daybed with trundle is good for the kids’ room because it can be turned into a twin bed easily, it can become a nice sleeping area for two kids at one time when the room is so small for placing a double twin bed set.

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