Yellow River Granite Kitchen Countertops Design ideas

Yellow river granite adds bold and beautiful statement to your kitchen. Instead of going with grey and brown granite, you need to consider some amazing yellow river granite kitchen pictures. These images will convince you to have a different design granite countertops which other homeowner doesn’t have.

It is a fact that people go with general designs when it comes to kitchen. But people who like to make a real change in the design and style offer prefer yellow granite slab as a countertop. When you have this top then you need to pick wooden chairs. Wood make a great combination with yellow river granite kitchen countertops.

If you are concerned about cost then you should know that yellow river granite cost per square foot is more than other types of granite. Reason is that yellow granite is more beautiful and rare kind. Although you will spend more cost for yellow river but the look you achieve from this extra payment is simply mind blowing.

Installing this countertop is not the only thing you have to do, next important thing you need to consider is to match yellow granite countertop with backsplash. In this post, I will share some amazing yellow river granite colors that make a great combination with beautiful backsplash.

Since you are going to pay extra bucks for this kind of kitchen countertops, therefore it is suggested to read yellow river granite reviews before you buy them. Must read customer reviews about quality and durability. These reviews will help you make a good decision whether to buy yellow river granite kitchen countertop or not.

Good thing about yellow river granite kitchen countertops is that it brings brightness and beauty to the space. Unlike grey and black countertops that add a bit of darkness, this color brings  ultimate brightness impact into the space. If you match shade of your kitchen cabinets with the yellow river granite color then you will get an attractive color scheme.


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