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Basic Shapes And Letters Rock Painting

14+ Brainstorming Rock Painting Ideas

Art is fun! It is really astonishing that there are so many things that we can do, for example we can build waterfalls, draw sketches, and paint rocks. If you happen to live in Florida or in any area where you could find plenty of rocks near the sea, lake or oceans, you could make a collection of different rocks and use them for your artwork. There are so many things that you can possibly paint on the rocks.

Normal paints used for painting the river rocks are as follows:

Acrylic is the best, it is available on the market, the most popular brand probably is liquidtex.  However, there are certain paints made for outdoor that you can also incorporate while you paint your collection of river rocks such as plaid paint, if you want to use your artwork for decorating the garden then you should use patio paint, because it is normally porous and it can withstand the weather conditions such as rain, snow and downpour. Now let’s check out some brainstorming rock painting ideas.

1:Various types of patterns, letters, animals can be painted on the rocks, you need not to be perfect at drawing, if you do not know how to draw, simply make your favorite simple on the rock and you will have your artwork. Pattern for painting on the rocks

2: We all know how to draw and paint hearts. You can draw teeny, tiny hearts and paint the rocks. These heart rocks would be ideal gifts for your loved ones for Valentine’s days, mother’s day or father’s day whatever suits you. mod podge painting rocks

3: You can paint cartoon critters and mini characters of your choice such as pigeons, a sparrow, parrot, a bird sitting on the tree, or anything that you can paint on the rocks. I love to make cats and dogs, well you can make spider man, bat man, and super man as well, they can be painted easily only if you know how to make their sketches first. Well painting the minion on the rocks is also fun. source

4: You can use your rocks as chalkboard and write any message, name or letters of your choice. This is the most rock painting ideas for everyone.

5: If you know how to make intricate designs on the small pebble then this pebble painting and drawing idea is right for you. I would say that you could create pretty mandalas and floral patterns on your own, learn how to paint on the pebbles.

6: White paint is easy to use on the rocks for making spirals, dots, stars, and some intricate patterns of your choice. source

7: You will love to make these googly monster rocks, these can be glued with the fridge easily by  using some sticky stickers. source

8: Tiny bohemian hearts are painted on medium sized rocks, these are fun ornaments you could decorate on your desk, kitchen table or in your own room.

9: Beautiful lady bug is painted with its kids, you can make a nice family of lady bugs by painting rocks of different sizes, it is fun and creative.

10: It is so creative to paint some doodles on the rocks like lines, random waves, abstract dots or patterns that your mind can come up with, you need not be delicate or specific, just let your hand draw anything that you enjoy.

11: Beautiful owls on the rocks. The same method could be used for painting any bird. source

12: Spirals, dots and various patterns for  DIY rocks painting.

13: Everybody can make, draw and paint some animals such as werewolves, lions, tigers, and cats. Learn how to paint animals on the rocks.

14: Color block hearts painted on the rocks.

15: Tic Tac Toe game, creative ways to decorate the river-rocks.

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