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16 DIY Outdoor Sectional Sofa and Couch! DIY Patio Furniture

If you are thinking of adding patio furniture or buying some chairs/tables to your backyard, front porch or outdoor space, you should consider investing some time and money in outdoor sectional couch and sofa. The furniture you have in your outdoor space,  the better your exterior would turn out to be, you could read your book laying down in the sofa, you could have more seating arrangements in the patio for guests and friends, and you could have ample furniture outdoor for hosting parties on weekends as well. There is more you could do with your patio or backyard outdoor sofas sets other than creating a nice environment.

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Though there are many companies offering ready made backyard furniture such as sofa sets with the tables, however it would not hurt to invest your own time making outdoor sectional couch , you could call it your own art. There are some tutorials offering guides on how to make DIY outdoor sectionals without spending so much money, if you buy an outdoor sofa with the seats it would cost you around 2000 to 3000 or more dollars depending on the fabric, material and wood used in the design of the sofa, if you make one sectional couch yourself you could add personalize features such as storage under or on the side of the armrest, some drink coolers, led lighting and some additional features, you could extend the seating area of the sectional sofas from eight to 12 people without having to worry about spending so much of money.

Let’s check out some best DIY outdoor sectional projects with the plans that would help you create a nice backyard seating space for your family members and friends.

Outdoor Sectional Couch with Storage

These plans are really easy to understand and follow, you would be able to build an L shaped outdoor couch with storage wherein you could store cushions, some extra items that you place outdoor such as throw pillows and lighting. The reason why you would need a storage box under the sectional for cushions is to protect your cushions from getting wet during rain and snow falls. The original plan uses the plywood in the construction of durable sectional couch,  this beautiful sectional that you get it functional it can be turned into a day bed for nap easily as well.  Read DIY sectional plan here.


Outdoor Sectional Sofa DIY

I personally love this DIY plan because this is something you could do with your friends. This outdoor sectional couch can pretty much be made with additional features such as storage compartments, drink coolers and led lighting.  This sectional features a nice built in table that has a small space for drink coolers. You will have to decide as what should be the position and location of the built in drink cooler within your DIY sectional, you could choose to build it under the sofa arm rest to make it more relaxing. If you love to decorate your backyard with umbrella over the table for creating the shade during the summer time, you could pretty much do it with this DIY outdoor sofa with table.

Comfy Outdoor Sectional Seater

Omg your friends will absolutely love this outdoor couch because it is beautiful, functional and artistic. The sectional in the plan is basically made with the wood, you could paint in in white or cherry wood color or stain it in any color of your choice, I would say vintage wood stains could do the magic with the frames.  The sofa frame can be painted in any color, the more vibrant touch could be added by putting sofa cushions in place, choose variety of colors or any color that you see would fit with the wooden color. Check tutorial for this DIY Outdoor wood sectional here.

Beautiful DIY outdoor Sectional Wood

You can pretty much build this outdoor sofa for backyard, patio or porch or even for the sun room, pair it up with the wicker table or wood table and then decorate the frame of the sofa with the sectional cushions and some vibrant throw pillows. In the plan, you are guided to build one section of the sofa one time, you can piece it all together by walking through the steps. The color of the couch can be changed according to personal taste and desire, the white, in my opinion is the best.

Comfortable DIY Outdoor Sectional Idea

The idea behind this wooden couch is to add a creative touch the frame. You could use a nice wooden frame, possibly in the dark color, for building this outdoor sectional and then if you have a little more budget you could add a table with it. This DIY plan is fairly simple for you to follow, you could add as many features as you want in the DIY sofa plan, it would just increase the budget you’d need for this DIY project though. Learn how to build outdoor sofa all by yourself.

Modern Style Outdoor Sectional

For making this beautiful outdoor sectional sofa you would need plenty of 2 by 4 wood boards, you could use rustic pallet or refurbished wooden whatever suits your DIY Sofa project and your budget. You would need saw and couple other tools for making this modern outdoor sectional couch. The design however is based on the armless sides, and it has an edgy shape that would go well with the outdoor space. Learn how to make this DIY sofa couch

Beautiful Outdoor Sectional Couch with table

When it comes to building patio furniture we think of patio table and chairs as well, they are important part of the patio. No matter whichever DIY furniture plan you follow you would always come up with the table idea of some sort because outdoor decor cannot be completed without one. We need an outdoor table for serving food and coffee. You can build an outdoor sectional couch with a nice coffee table, the original DIY couch plan includes use of 2 by 4 cedar wood, you can use pre-toned wood but I would recommend you to stain the wood later on once you have done building your outdoor sofa set.  You can beautify it further with the cushions, and throw pillows. Learn how to make this outdoor sectional seating with the table.

Modular Outdoor Sectionals with Features

When we think of a modular outdoor sectional sofa set we think of a comfy pair of armrests, a nice table and a relaxing backrest. This DIY sofa plan allows you to make a nice frame with an optional box seat on which you could create a relaxing arm rest. Once the structure and frame of the couch is completed you could play more with the design by placing sofa cushions and throw pillows or a soft mattress whatever you desire. Learn how to make this modular sofa for porch or backyard.

Outdoor Sectional with Umbrella

If your porch is more exposed to the sun light or to the weather conditions such as rain and snow fall, you could build an outdoor sectional with an umbrella of any size that could provide enough shade during the sun light and protection to the table/sofa underneath when it rains or snow falls. This original DIY sectional couch plan allows you to make one seating out of any wood of your choice, you can build an attachment for the umbrella either in the middle of the table or behind the wooden couch itself. Learn how to make an outdoor wooden sectional sofa with umbrella.

Easy Outdoor Sectional Plans DIY

Though there are many varieties of wood such as Oak, Cedar, Cherry wood and conventional style wooden lumbers for you to use for building a great DIY sectional sofa for outdoor, however you could always use the raw wood and stain it later for making it beautiful for the exterior decor.  This DIY outdoor sofa plan teaches you how to make wooden frames for the sectionals from scratch and then use cushions and pillows for setting up the right theme for outdoor space. If there is any wood leftovers you could use it too for making a a nice chair or patio coffee table all by yourself by following a DIY patio furniture plan.

DIY Outdoor Sectional with Table

When you are to build an outdoor sectional couch with table, you must follow the follow as it is and then add your own features, if there is leftover wooden that you believe can be used any DIY project, you could use it for making small storage boxes beneath your outdoor sectional sofa. There is a lot you could do with the per-treated cedar or oak lumbers as well, it is all about your skills though how you’d use the leftovers.

Comfy Outdoor Sectionals

This is the plan to build a relaxing and comfy outdoor sectional sofa with little details and more beautiful features. The red cedar wood (pre-toned pr pretreated) whatever is available could be used making this DIY couch for your backyard or patio. Add some nice couch cushions carrying floral prints, embroidery or rainbow colors there are many out there to suit your taste for the exterior decoration.

Functional Outdoor Sectionals with mattress Cushions

The functionality of any outdoor couch depends on its durability, structure and frame, and above all features. If you do not want to use ready made cushion seatings for your outdoor wooden sofa you could simply build a nice outdoor sectional with crib mattress cushions. Now the question is where you would find crib mattress cushions seating, the answer is stores where you buy items for your kids. Basically, such cushions are available almost everywhere these days, you just have to find them out in your nearest store. Learn how to make this relaxing outdoor sectional couch with the cushions.

Easy Outdoor Sectional Sofa Plans

When you have to make a nice outdoor sectional sofa or couch, you are advised to use DIY outdoor couch plan first and learn how to make one seat/chair/section at one time and then connect it with the other pieces. I am sharing a nice DIY sofa plan that would help you build U shaped or L shaped wooden couch with table, storage unit, storage box for cushions, in built water cooler , with or without arm rests for your patio, porch, and backyard.

Creative Outdoor Sectionals with Doors

Have you ever heard of an outdoor sectional with an extended chair and with the doors that lead to a waterproof storage unit beneath? I am so pleased to share this DIY sectional plan with the doors with you, it is really unique because it features a chairs which you can use for relaxing your leg muscles when you sit outdoor for sunbathing and book reading. Furthermore, you could keep outdoor items such as cushions, pillows and outdoor serving utensils right inside the storage box that is built in this DIY outdoor couch plan. You will love it for sure.

Unique Long Outdoor Sectionals

If your family is big in number and you need a huge outdoor seating sofa with plenty of space for all the members, you can go for this DIY long outdoor sectional plan it will teach you how to make a separate frame. You need to make a separate frame for each section or seat and then connect all the seats one by one to create a long sofa set for outdoor. This DIY project is so easy to understand, you could add pillows and cushions once the structure is completed.

DIY Outdoor Sectional Tutorial 1 the36thavenue.com- 16 DIY Outdoor Sectional Sofa and Couch! DIY Patio Furniture

Outdoor Sectionals with Sofas

You will have to build two separate sofa sets for making this outdoor sectional beautiful, the one sofa would be standard and the other one will have arm rest or one arm, you need to connect that one-arm sofa with the armless side for making a nice couch seating. It would be so interesting. The original DIY outdoor sectional sofa plan requires you 2×4 sectional piece, you can alter the dimension as per your requirements and need.

More DIY sofa plans
Budget friendly made in $300, source
How to build 2X4 outdoor sectional with wooden frame. Source

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