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1 Felt Bear

24 DIY Christmas Art and Crafts Projects

If you and your kids love to do DIY Christmas art and craft projects, I have some ideas for your family. It is really fun to sit together and work on a DIY Christmas project, is it not fun to build your own beautiful ornaments for the Christmas tree and make your decoration special. We all get plenty of time before the event to use our time productively, let’s see what types of ornaments, vases, and DIY decorative items all can make easily.

I am sharing these wonderful winter, Christmas art, some are made with the coiled papers others are fairly easy to make with your kids and yourself alone. You do not need to spend thousands of dollars for doing these DIY Christmas projects, you can pretty much do them within few dollars. I have shared the resources below for all the crafts which I have uploaded above. Feel free to share these ideas with your friends and family members.

  1. Beautiful Bear Ornament for the tree. You can make it with a simple guide.
  2.  Scarf Ribbon Christmas tree
  3. Beautiful Reindeer Ornament, Cork Crafts Ideas
  4. Walnut Crafts, Walnut turned into Reindeer
  5. West Elm Coiled Paper Ornaments
  6. Cork Craft idea, Cork Snowmen
  7. Beautiful Silvery Snowy  Snowman for decoration
  8. White Clay Christmas craft
  9. Beautiful Felt Star Decorative Ornament
  10. Clay Christmas Owls
  11. New  Crochet Owl Craft for Christmas
  12. Buttoned Bird
  13. Newspaper Rudolph
  14. Santa Handprint Keepsake
  15. Home made cinnamon Star
  16. Beautiful DIY toy Soldier
  17. Hanging white craftworks
  18. Decorative Coastal Ornament Ideas
  19. Beautiful Wooden Ornament made
  20. DIY Embossed claystar
  21. T shirt Yarn Tree for Christmas
  22. Traditional Paper Star
  23. Wonderful Little Yarn Star Ornament
  24. Ice Cube Garland
  25. Ice ornament

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The following are the names of the decor and craft ideas are available and popular in 24 DIY Christmas Art and Crafts Projects :
24 winter activities ice garland fun.
23 christmas stars.

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