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How to Create a Balcony Garden

Do you want to create ab? It is time to know about all important points that help you do this creation in an aesthetic manner.

The fact that you live in an apartment where you do not have access to a garden does not mean that you cannot create one. Having a balcony provides you with a very good opportunity to create a balcony garden where you can grow flowers, vegetables, shrubs and minimalist trees that enhance the look and appeal of your balcony and house in general.

Always Start with a Good Balcony Garden Plan

The first step to creating a perfect balcony garden starts with developing a plan for the intended garden. Note that it may need getting rid of any furniture in the balcony. Part of your plan should also be how you will position your plants. It is important to realize that you are not restricted to using the balcony floor; you also have balcony railings at your disposal.

Is There Adequate Lights for Plants?

The most important factor you need to consider when planning your balcony garden is whether or not plants you choose to grow will receive adequate sunlight. Note that most plants grown on balconies need roughly five hours of sunlight every day in order to grow properly. You therefore need to restrict yourself to growing plants that need intense sunlight in case your balcony is always exposed to direct sunlight or settle for plants that do well in shades just in case your balcony is off the sun’s direction.

Do you Need Prennials or Annuals Plants?

Type of plants you choose to grow is also very important. You may opt to plant perennials or annuals. Note that while perennial plants get old as fast as they grow, annuals take some time to grow and mature and are therefore long-lasting. You also choose to grow plants that only grow to attain low or medium height or those that grow long.

Creating a balcony garden obviously requires use of planters in which case you have the option of using pots or other appropriate containers. You also need to consider quality of soil you plan to use in addition to any other ornamental features you wish to be part of your garden. The secret always lies in using lightweight pots or containers made of wood or plastic. It is always a good idea to insulate your planters during winter so as to help protect your plants. Similarly, ensure that you water your plants on a regular basis during summer.

Because there is really no need to create a balcony garden only to grow plants that you cannot show off, it is important that plants you choose to grow are properly displayed. This depends on how you position your planters. You may consider growing some plants on trellis placed against balcony wall with bushy plants growing in planters placed near the wall. Plants growing in your balcony garden should look attractive when looked at from the exterior.

Just like with in traditional gardens, it is a good idea to arm yourself with safe pesticides and fertilizer. You will need to constantly inspect your plants for insect infestation and fungal or bacterial infections, which you will need to address using appropriate pesticides. Fertilizer will be useful in making your plants grow healthy and strong.

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