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How to Set Balcony Railing Planters in Best Way

Want to set Balcony railing planters in the best manner? Here is how you can perform this task with beauty and style.

Your balcony offers you added space that you can use in different ways. You can turn your balcony into your resting place by bringing in one or two appropriate chairs. You can also turn your balcony into a social family space where you can have an outdoor balcony grill. Still, you can turn your balcony into a beautiful garden by simply making use of appropriate balcony planters. The fact that your balcony is small does not prevent you from creating a balcony garden.

Your balcony railing provides you with additional space that you can hang your balcony planters on instead of placing them on the floor or hanging them on the wall. However, how you make use of balcony railing planters is very critical. You need to take the following into account when planning to use balcony railing planters.

Types of Balcony Railing Planters

There are different types of balcony planters you can choose to buy. You have the option of buying planters made of wood, metal, wrought iron and earthen pots. Which type of planter to buy really depends on your personal preference and how you want your balcony to appear both to you and others.

Planters are also available in different designs and shapes. There are squared, rectangular and circular planters. Choice of shape to buy depends on type of plants you intend to plant using the planters. In terms of design, planters are available as shallow, medium and deep planters. Similarly, planters are also available in different colors that can enhance your balcony’s appearance. Likewise, planters are available in different sizes, something you also need to consider when buying the same.


It is very important that consider how you use your balcony before buying any type of planter. This should inform you of how best to hang your planters on the railing. You may choose to hang your planters on the interior side of the trailing or on the exterior side depending on how you use your balcony. You can indeed hang them on the exterior if you wish your plants as a natural privacy screen. Regardless of which type of planters you choose to buy, do ensure that they have strong brackets capable of securely holding weight of the planter, soil and weight of plants you intend to plant.

Type of Plants in Balcony

Choice of plants you intend to plant in your planters is very important. Although you can plant seasonal vegetables and hang them on your balcony railing, annual flowers and herbs turn out to be the best. It is important that you avoid plants that become heavy once they grow and mature. You may also choose to plant decorative grasses or draping plants that cover the railing nicely.


There is really no need to invest in quality balcony railing planters and plant the best plants that positively transform your balcony and fail to care for the plants. You have a duty and responsibility to ensure that your plants remain properly hydrated always in addition to using safe pesticides to address issues to do with pests caused by bacteria and fungi.

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