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How to Choose Bar-Height Patio Furniture

Having a patio instant in your backyard or at the front area creates an outdoor space where you can relax in, have family activities in or entertain your guests without the need to worry about prevailing weather conditions. Investing the most appropriate patio furniture therefore becomes necessary and one type of patio furniture you may choose to buy is bar-height patio furniture.

Bar-height patio furniture is not strange types of furniture. They are simply furniture whose height differs from height of traditional furniture. Like with other outdoor furniture, three bar-height furniture items are very necessary in your patio; stools, table(s), cabinet and couch.

One thing you need to note when shopping for bar-height patio furniture is the fact that there is no standard height for the different bar-height patio furniture items. Each manufacturer’s brand is available in its own bar-height.

Bar-height Stools

It is always a good idea to shop for bar-height stools after determining height of bar-height patio table or tables you plan to buy. This is in case you choose to buy each furniture item separately instead of buying as a set.

Bar-height stools can be of height between 26 and 31 inches from the seating area down to the floor. These are used with bar-height tables of height between 40 and 45 inches tall. Although there are bar-height stools that measure 36-inches tall, such are in most cases custom-made stools. Likewise, you are most likely to come across tall stools measuring anything between 18 and 26 inches tall. Such are suitable as vanity, dressing, and countertop stools.

Choice of bar-height patio furniture should not be limited to height. You need to consider how comfortable stools that you choose are. The fact that these are tall stools makes it very necessary to choose those that offer high level of comfort. Consider choosing leather or swivel bar-height stools. Similarly, it is very important to consider style of stools that you choose. The fact that these are tall stools means that they are styled with back rest and you have the option of choosing wooden, vinyl or metallic stools. You also need to make a decision on how many stools to buy depending on size of your patio.

Bar-Height Table(s)

You have the option of buying one or more than one bar-height tables depending on size of your patio. As already been indicated, bar-height tables measure anything between 40 and 45 inches in height. Size and shape can vary a great deal. Like with bar-height stools, you need to choose a bar-height table or tables made of a material you prefer and be of a style that appeals to you.

Although bar-height stools and table are the basic bar-height furniture you may choose to have in your patio, you may consider throwing in a couch and a cabinet. The couch will be useful when you or anyone else needs to climb down from the high furniture to have a rest. A cabinet will also come in handy in case you will need a place you can store drinks as you relax.


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