White bathroom set with gray tile flooring

Bathroom Flooring Options

Bathroom Flooring Options

Bathrooms in most cases remain dump and steamy, making it very necessary to have suitable floor. Indeed many such bathroom flooring options as wood and carpet do not withstand dampness common in bathrooms. Luckily, there are various other flooring options you may consider in order to have a durable floor that is also comfortable to your feet.

Stone flooring – Specially designed stones for flooring is one option you may consider. This type of flooring is not only water-proof but also durable and very stylish. You have the option of investing in limestone or granite. The former is better because it’s available in tens of light and dark shade, it can match the theme that you have planned for your bathroom. The latter one is good, but more suitable for the kitchen interior, just in case you have already installed granite tiles on the countertops, you might want to opt for a different option for the bath area.

The limestone can be used in a different designs around the vanity of the bathroom, there is no hard and fast rule as for the interior of the area. You can make a unique design yourself by choosing to opt for some different flooring tiles- the ones that you have not seen being installed anywhere in your friend’s or neighbor’s house.

Black stone bathroom flooring with beige vanities

Natural stone flooring design ideas for small bathroom

This granite has got a marble like appeal to it. It’s just very dark because it’s being chosen according to the requirement of the black theme.

Black bathroom with matching floor design

Ceramic bathroom tiles – Ceramic tiles are no doubt very durable and provide for the same feel and look you would obtain with stone flooring. Apart from the floor, you can also use ceramic tiles on bathroom walls.

This might look like limestone but it’s not.  The color is brilliant and the interior overall is very bright.

TWhite bathroom vanities and ceramic tiles flooring and walls

White bathroom vanities and ceramic tiles flooring and walls

Ceramic tiles floor and wall decor for bathroom

White bathroom set with gray tile flooring

Wooden tiles – Although real wood is not suitable for use in bathroom on the floor, engineered wood is suitable. These are designed in such a way that they feature a layer of hardwood on the surface.

Stylish wood flooring for a bathroom with white sink

White bath tub design

Rubber tiles – Rubber tiles are probably some of the best bathroom flooring materials you can use on your bathroom floor. Not only are they durable but are also soft to the feet, are easy to clean and are water-proof.


White bathroom toilet, pedal sink an red rubber tiles flooring

Pink ribber tiles bathroom flooring with white tub and vanities

Vinyl tiles – Vinyl tiles are very suitable as flooring materials. Not only are they hygienic but are also water-proof. You also have the option of buying vinyl sheets instead of tiles. Furthermore, you have the option of buying cushioned vinyl that turns out to be sifter and warmer.

Grey marble floor in a bathroom with blue wall paint and simple vanity

Modern bathroom classy sink design and simple gray flooring


A lot of people like it all white because it is a symbol of grace and elegance. It’s also easy to match the accessories with the vanities when there are less colors used, however, for the backlash some random tiles can be used such as grays and pinks because the entire theme will look boring if it lacks some exciting colors.
White bathroom set with gray tile flooring

Although these bathroom flooring materials are durable, easy to clean and are feet-friendly, they still need proper maintenance so that they can last much longer. Stone flooring usually involves use of sealant, which makes it necessary to keep the floor free of grime. Vinyl and ceramic tiles also need to swept and mopped often with non-abrasive sponge.


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