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Basement Octagon Window

Beautiful Octagon Window for Your Home

As the name suggests, octagonal windows are the ones that feature geometric design having eight sides or angels. Aside from the stained glass windows, Octagon Windows are becoming so much popular these days because they are designed with either stationary or venting design, featuring one insulated glass inside that may have grids, patterns, paints or a great design inspired by the Tiffney’s. It all depends from where you buying your Octagonal Window for the home. I am sharing some simple designs though, they are the simplest ones.

Most commonly Octagon windows have waterproof vinyl frame that is coated with the UV coating which means the design is pretty much strong and the coat prevents the window frames from yellowing or discoloring when exposed to the sunlight. The vinyl frame of the Octagon is usually white or light in color, it can be painted according to the colors of the doors or rest of the windows inside the residence. Vinyl frame is not the only choice though, you can choose to buy platinum or aluminum frame depending on the weather condition of the area.

Some basic designs are as follows: Zinc Petal Octagon, Frosted Bird Octagon, Windsor, Verona, Avalon, and Hummingbird Octagon. There are different styles of the windows being designed with float glass, tempered glass and stained/painted glass, and insulated safety glass, some also use three panes or grids along with the flush mount features on the windows.

Octagon Shed windows are a specific designs of the windows made for the shed, chicken coops, barns, outdoor garages and even sun room.  Amazon is offering some great hand painted and stained glass Octagon window panels which can also be incorporated in the home interior, these designs feature sunset, sun catcher, natural scenery,  song birds in tree designs, Octagon Orchid and meadows.

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Old Octagon Window Blinds

Old octagon window blinds

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Octagon window blinds size

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Octagon Window Blinds Shutter

Octagon window blinds shutter

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Octagon window blinds size.
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