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Bird Feeder Bird Housing Hut

Beautiful Rustic Wood Birdhouse for Garden and Porch

It does not matter whether it is summer, spring, winter or autumn, birds like robins and sparrows always come in search of water or feed in the garden.  If you have some rustic wooden pallets lying in the storage, some tree stumps or even have some tree twigs you could turn them into a nice rustic bird house. You need only couple of things for making the house for any bird, I am sharing some DIY birdhouse plan just in case you want to go through the tutorial.

Now let me show you some designs of the rustic bird houses that could also function as bird feeder. You can decorate these nice bird ornaments outside your home, near the garden where you always encounter birds and animals.  I would say there are many styles of the houses for you to make. The traditional style birdhouse does not require too much of the carpentering skills. There are some additional styles of Rustic bird houses that you could attempt such as castles where you make twin houses side by side with huge roofs just like you see in the Disney homes. It is all about your creativity though, you can download a birdhouse plan for getting an idea on how to make a sketch for a bird house all by yourself. You can do woodworking on oak, teak or rustic pallets or even on the old cutting board and turn in into a nice house for the bird. The simplest way would be using the tree or some twigs or tree branches.

In many cases, a tree stump is turned into the bird -house by making a hole inside in and hanging it with the tree outside the home, anywhere in the garden area. However, you can also put a stand outside under neath the rustic wood birdhouse to give it a firm support, besides the house you can place decorative items on the stand, a water pot or anything that you think would make the decor better.

Wooden handcrafted bird feeder hut is the most basic kind of the bird house for outdoor places, however, if you want to try out some new designs by making your sketch it is totally up to you.  There are items you could use for decorating the hut house such as woven glass fibers could be used for making a nest, it is usually friendly and highly breathable.

Multi-birdhouse stakes with pyramid roofs are another way to offer an outdoor shelter to the birds. The roofs of such birdhouses is usually like pyramids of different sizes. You can paint the wooden for adding the twist to the houses, you can put them outside in the garden area where you believe your birds would be safe.

The most cheapest ones are the hand-woven humming bird nesting Chickadee houses, they are easy to make and weave. However, if you do not have time you can buy from the stores as these weaved birdhouses are available everywhere.

There are more styles of rustic wood birdhouses that you could choose from such as Manhattan style birdhouse,  two Tiered distressed rustic bird house, and cedar/oak/teak birdhouse with decorative elements on the exteriors such as stained glass, and handcrafted details like floral patterns on the outside.

No matter what type of bird- house you choose for your patio or garden it must be able to shelter and feed all kinds of feathered friends such as dove, finch, wren, robin, cedar sparrow, humming bird, tit, lark and throstle.




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Twigs Used On The Rustic Birdhouses

Twigs used on the rustic birdhouses

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Twigs Bushes Used In The Bird House

Twigs bushes used in the bird house

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Tree Stump Bird House With The Feeder

Tree stump bird house with the feeder

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The following are the names of the decor and craft ideas are available and popular in Beautiful Rustic Wood Birdhouse for Garden and Porch :
Twigs bushes used in the bird house.
Tree stump bird house with the feeder.

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