Luxury ceiling design idea for bedroom with brown furniture

Bedroom Pop Ceiling Decoration Ideas

Simple tray style brown pop ceiling for bedroom with fireplace

There are a good number of ceiling decoration ideas that you can use to give your bedroom ceiling that attractive appearance that makes this private room relaxing and enjoyable to be in. Like many homeowners, it may be possible that you have painted your ceiling white and left it at that. One thing you need to realize is that your ceiling is a fifth wall in your bedroom and therefore needs equal treatment as other rooms.

Dark pop ceiling

This can be a great way of adding drama in your bedroom particularly when yours is a high ceiling. Consider painting your pop ceiling in dark colour to make your bedroom a bit dramatic. You need not restrict yourself to dark colour if it is too bold; paint using any dark colour.

If you have a hard time deciding it yourself, ask someone to get you a nice design and then ask your friends for their suggestions. Sometimes they can give a better suggestions with regards to color, theme and overall interior of the place. Anything that is overlooked on your part can be seen by others. Allow them to pass their opinions and alter the settings.

The reason why dark ceilings are preferred because they go with the light walls and curtains or shutters and so on. Since most of the places are painted in peaceful tones, so to make a nice impression the rest of them are given a dark makeover.

If the place is small or less spacious, you needn’t go for expensive ceiling designs because they can be a waste of money. Choose some small fancy lighting for the entire interior as they create a nice feel by adding romantic lightening and reflection.

This one looks like a sky with whole lot of stars. A mirror in the middle right above the bed has added more charm to it. Two side-lamps onto the side tables have filled the void by brightening the rest of the place.

Twinkle lights on bedroom dark pop ceiling

Simple tray style brown pop ceiling for bedroom with fireplace

Bright pop ceiling

It may turn out that you do not want anything dark on your ceiling and one of the best pop ceiling decoration ideas is to paint the ceiling in a bright paint colour that suits your taste. You may also choose to paint the ceiling in a neutral colour such as blue in case you are not into bright colours.

Vibrant colored ceiling design ideas for bedroom

Zinc and Plum vibrant ceiling ideas for kids bedroom

White pop ceiling with blue accent light in a bedroom

Best pop ceiling ideas for bedroom

Drop ceiling

Installing a drop ceiling under your bedroom  ceiling can be a very effective way of decorating the room. You only need to shop for a drop ceiling made of the right material and design.

Luxury bedroom pop ceiling ideas

Luxury ceiling design idea for bedroom with brown furniture

White pop ceiling with blue accent light in a bedroom

Brick ceiling

Why not consider installing light bricks under your pop ceiling to give your bedroom that unique appearance? You also have the option of using brick wall paper on the ceiling to produce the same look you would achieve with bricks.

Elegant modern brick style ceiling decor ideas for bedroom

Traditional brick ceiling design idea for bedroom

Brick ceiling idea for traditional style bedroom

Your bedroom is a very important room in your house and it is only good that you decorate it in the best way you can. Using any of the above bedroom pop ceiling decoration ideas can go a long way in transforming the look and appearance of your bedroom.

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