8 Cool Black Bathroom Decorating Ideas

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Black And Red Bathroom

8 Cool Black Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Do you have a plan to set black bathroom theme? If yes, then I would like to share some amazing decorating ideas which you can try with this color scheme. Let’s explore a collection of designs which you can consider for setting dark bathroom theme.

8 White and Black Bathroom Decorating Ideas

So, you have decided to add white with black in your bathroom. Now it is time to know some tips which let you grab the perfect look.

  1. Black and white tiles allow you to make the perfect color contrast on the floor and walls. But don’t overdo these shades. It means black-white floor tile is enough; don’t use same tiles for walls.
  2. Pick black flooring and walls. Add white color in the form of bathroom vanity, toilet and bathtub. It is really easy for you to find the white sanity materials and items in the market. They look great and bring cleanliness impact into the bathroom space.
  3. Don’t forget to pay attention to bathroom mirror. Usually, people get black framed mirrors but you can go with white framed mirrors on black walls.
  4. Modern black and white bathrooms usually have ambient lighting fixtures. In a luxury bathroom, you often see that a white crystal chandelier is hanged from the ceiling. But if you really want to make a big difference in your theme and looks then search for black chandelier.
  5. Add some shelves next to your bathroom mirror. These shelves help you add some decorative items on the wall. You can use these shelves to keep some items which you want to access easily.
  6. Black and white bathroom tiles in a small bathroom must be selected with care. Make sure that design of tile has more white than black. The reason is that a small space looks smaller with dark colors. So, you should try to add bright shade in the overall decoration.
  7. If you don’t want to install tiles on the bathroom walls then other options are available in the form of wall painting or wallpaper. Both options look great. Problem with black bathroom wallpaper is that it doesn’t withstand wet environment and often damage from one side or another with the passage of time. Painting the walls seems like a great idea but you need to pick waterproof paint which is the best for wet bathroom environment.
  8. Classic black and white bathroom theme often includes vintage vanity items. Instead of getting plain mirror frame, you need to buy one that comes with intricate design and patterns. You don’t need excellent finish tiles and laminated tiles. Ceramic tiles or plywood would be enough to bring rustic appeal.

I’m sure you would like to try these 8 amazing bathroom decor ideas. If you have your own ideas, feel free to share with us.

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White Bathroom Black Floring Modern Curtains

White bathroom black floring modern curtains

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Small Black Bathroom

Small black bathroom

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Red And Black Bathroom Decor Ideas Modern Wall Tiles

Red and black bathroom decor ideas modern wall tiles

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