Bridal Shower ideas and decoration for tables

Beautiful bridal shower decor ideas for tables

Wedding planning is not a venture planned by the bride to be and her family only, today couples are taking the bridal shower event celebration to the next level wherein families of both bride and groom collaborate for making plans, deciding venues, food menu and many other things. There is a trend rising for Jack and Jill wedding shower which is kind of fun.

Contemporary Bridal Shower Idea

This is called a stag and doe style bridal shower where couples shower together, it is more like a party where bride as well as groom celebrates together with their friends and family members. Though a traditional style wedding shower is a big thing and of course is time honored, but there is nothing wrong for the couple to arrange a co-ed wedding shower party for having more fun. Few hours of fun by playing games may help alleviate the stress of entire wedding day planning as well. For planning the co-event, both parties have to contribute to the expenses related to buying gifts, souvenirs, and event planning.

Wedding Shower vs Bridal Shower

There is not much difference between a wedding shower and a bridal shower, both events are planned few weeks ahead of the wedding day.  There is not much difference. This is event where close friends and family members are invited and served with gifts for bride and groom.  However, if the couple has decided to go for the Jill and Jack themed wedding shower, it could be a little different from the traditional style Bridal shower which is arranged by brides’s family and bridesmaids only. Co-ed shower is a one feature for the wedding shower contrary to bridal shower event.

Here are few of the things that are required for a cool bridal shower event planning.

Date of the Event

Ideally, the shower should be scheduled 3-6 weeks before the wedding date, it gives ample of time for the event planning, this party must be held before engagement and any bachelor party. Both parties should decide on the date of the event by mutual discussion, and all friends and family members should be included as well, a good date should be chosen according to the time needed for taking care of activities related to the festival.

Inviting Guests and Sending Invitations

Whether it is a wedding shower or bridal shower, all the guests and family members are invited, especially the ones who are close to the family of bride and groom. Invitations are sent to the closest friends and family members only. As for choosing the invitations, you need to pick up a theme for the cards, the most famous theme is rustic these days. Rustic wedding shower invitations look different and unique as they are different in design compared to traditional styled bridal shower cards that you see on the market.

Picking a Bridal Shower theme

Picking a classy bridal shower or wedding shower theme is necessary, it could be anything related to a movie, TV series or of bride’s/groom’s favorite character. Popular options include costume parties, sports/teams related party, and any other hobby related theme that both bride and groom enjoy or love. Similarly gift related themes are out there for both, for instance ‘ stock the bar” is a party where guests only bring bar related gifts and ‘kitchen party’ similarly encourages them to bring kitchen accessories and other stuff that could be useful for the couples.

Decorations for Wedding shower/bridal shower

Decoration is must for either of wedding or bridal shower party, a table can be decorated with all kinds of shower theme related ornaments, masterpieces and some flowers. There are millions of good themes to pick up for the decoration.





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