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How to Build Firewood Storage Shed

A firewood storage shed becomes very necessary in case you use firewood often and there isn’t enough space indoors to store the firewood. Indeed building a firewood storage shed is very beneficial in case you have an outdoor fireplace since it makes it easy to access firewood when it becomes necessary.

Building firewood storage shed starts with selection of the most appropriate location in your compound. It should not only be easy to access but should serve to protect stored firewood against rain from the sides. You need to have several tools and materials to build a strong firewood storage shed.

  • Tools – Do ensure that you have a circular saw, level gauge, cordless drill, measuring tape, pneumatic nail gun and enough 2” nails.
  • Materials – You need to have at least 8-foot length of treated fencing, sponge (optional), roof fasteners complete with polycarbonate washers, two shipping pallets, steel wool (optional), cider vinegar (optional), 10-liter container (optional), corrugated roofing panels, 2 x 3 x 8” boards and 2 x 4 x 8” boards.

The fact that the firewood storage shed will always remain outdoors makes it very necessary to treat the wood used in construction to make it resistant to weather elements and insect damage. Although you have the option of using ready-made oil-based stains, you can easily make your stain by simply soaking sufficient amount of steel wool in a 10-liter of cider vinegar in a container for at least a week. The resultant reaction yields a brown solution that you simply stain the wood with using a sponge. Leave the stained wood to cure for at least 24 hours in dry condition.

Using the appropriate tools, measure and cut the treated fence into three parts. While one part will form back of the shed, the remaining two parts will form the two sides. There is no fixed measurement since size of your firewood shed depends on how small or large you want it to be. Proceed to cut the two parts that form side walls in an angle that provides for a slope toward the back. Measure and cut the 2 x 4 x 8” board in the same dimension as that of the back part, which is the back wall and attach the two side walls to it.

It is very necessary that your firewood storage shed provides for sufficient airflow within to help keep firewood dry always. This is where use of the two shipping pallets becomes necessary. Measure and cut the two shipping pallets to be of the same size as the base of the already attached storage. These will form the base of the shed, raising from the ground to prevent moisture that can cause firewood to rot.

There is serious need to construct a frame to be placed above the storage unit so as to provide support for the roof. This is where you need to use the 2 x 3 x 8” boards. Measure and cut these to be of the same dimensions as dimensions of top of the unit.

Measure and cut the corrugated roofing panels in dimensions same to that of the supporting top frame. However, you need to leave the edges extended so as to provide protection on all the four sides of the storage shed. Bring on the panels to cover the roof and fix them using the fasteners. You will have built a simple yet highly functional firewood storage shed with an open front that you can use to safely store your firewood.

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