5 Ceiling Paint Tips You Must Know Before You Select Paint Color

Dark pink ceiling paint idea for living room with purple velvet sectioinal sofas

In past, people were used to pick white for the ceiling. But now this trend has changed. Ceiling paint is as important as wall painting. No doubt, you have to select wall paint in a careful manner but at the same time you need to pay attention to paint color for ceiling. Today, I would like to share 5 tips that will help you make the right choice.

Ceiling Paint Tips One must know

Here are the details of these tips.

  1. Light for Low Ceiling: When you have 8 or 10 foot ceiling then you should pick a light and soft shade. People make a bad choice when they pick dark and warm shade for low ceiling. A dark color will turn your room into a cave , this is not what you like. Isn’t it? So, cream, white and off-white colors seems like a good paint color options in such scenario.
  2. Color Paint: This is indeed a good choice for kids room and play room. You need to add some fun element to a space, so it is good to pick some nice soft colors such as lime, pink, yellow, peachy, blue undertones would look good. Color ceiling paints will help raise your low ceiling. But make sure you select soft and beautiful tones all the time.
  3. Crowd Molding: When you have this sort of ceiling then you need to create a beautiful impact on ceiling by painting it with two shades lighter than wall color. Pick a dark wall color and then go two shades lighter for the ceiling.
  4. Ceiling paint for High ceiling: This is the time when you can pick dark ceiling paints such as brown, cherry red and even black. These warm shades will feel your large space less cold. Dark chocolate color is really high in demand for high roof.
  5. Vaulted Ceiling: Paint your side ceiling with a medium shade and then pick two shades darker or lighter for your top ceiling. If you do this then your whole ceiling paint would look even and smooth. Low vaulted ceiling colors must be similar to the wall paint color, otherwise different colors will break in the eye and won’t bring an attractive look.

So, when you are going to pick ceiling paint white or other shades, make sure you follow these tips.


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