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31 Chicken Coops Plans and construction ideas

If you are looking for chicken coop plans for your chickens you should consider reading through some guides and coop construction manual plans that help build a nice coop for 5 hens, 6 hens and for 25 hens or more. Your chickens might need vast plan to flourish and grow, it is your duty your keep them happy to make them lay more eggs for you.

DIY Chicken Coop Plan Manuals and Blueprints

Building a chicken coop is not an easy project you need items along with a guide for that, it can be done little by little during weekend, one step at a time. Though there are so many websites offering DIY chicken coop plans and blueprints but some are out there who have step by step pictures, covering each step from the step one till the end, teaching their users on how to build a coop for hens successfully without failing.

There are various free kitchen coop plans for 3, 5 and 6 hens which are called low budget plans because they do not require a lot of investment in addition to space.  If there are 6 hens or more, you might need to build a large hen house with run possibly from the pallets.

Large Chicken Coop Plans for project

You might need 100 square foot of place and area for building a large hen house or executing on a large chicken coop plans. Ideally the coop should have enough capacity for 25 hens or more for you also need to make sure that the hen house has all the features needed for the good growth and health of the chickens and newborn chicks. Here are 61 DIY chicken coop plans for building a large hen house.

On the website above you can get guides and blueprints for making your own chicken coop plans for 12 chickens. Some factors need to keep into consideration for the project is that your flock of birds have sufficient sunlight during the day time, if not for the entire day at all. Also they need to have enough wind in the area However, you should never make a large hen house on a place which is exposed to strong wind and road pollution. The ideal place for the coop is under a shade probably under a tree.

When you go for chicken coop plans for 24 hens or more, make sure this plan has an easy to access structure for the project, you will need to check the coop two or more times a day, therefore, it must be accessible and easy to maintain on daily bases.

Your large hen house should never be built near buildings surrounded by cars and automobiles or in any area where people roam all the day long. Do not place your coop near your neighbors house, just pick the night space for the construction with less noise and traffic.

Small Chicken coop plans and guides

Small chicken coop plans are for keeping two to six hens. It can be built in the back yard, patio or anywhere in the garden as the small hen house never takes a lot of space. However, it still needs some maintenance and requires all the things a big coop needs such as sunlight, shade, protection from rain and wind, protection of noise, and daily cleaning. Additional features can be added too for better construction such as small chicken coops with large run and pull out trays would make cleaning a breeze for the homeowners. To beautify the hen house, some planters and trees can be placed near the area for shade as well.

Hen House with Pallet

If there are a lot of animals litter your area, you need to consider making a chicken coop with fence to keep all the predators away from your chickens and birds. For those who have some wood items available in the storage unused for years can make a nice hen house with pallet according to their requirements.

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