16 Cinder Block Fire Pit For Patio Diy Fire Pit Ideas

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Concrete, stones, wood and cinder blocks are very mundane building materials which are available at a low price on the stores these days. When you have no fireplace outdoor due to lack of grill space in the patio, you can opt for a cinder block fire pit which can be designed and created very easily by using less expensive cinder blocks.

Some homeowners build cinder block fire pit in their patio areas and use grill stand over it for barbecuing in the winter.  If your budget is tight, you definitely not need to invest in bricks and flagstones fireplaces, they can be quite expensive to build.  You should build a temporary or permanent style cinder block fire pit because it can be built within the budget you have and it’s all by using few blocks and doing some manual work on the ground.

Select Location for building Cinder block fireplace

The first thing you need to do is select the location for the construction of cinder block fireplace, it definitely needs some space. You need to choose the ground which is non-flammable, a bare ground with concrete pad would be good or a ground which is spared for a long time and has no flammable furniture items arranged elsewhere. The best location for building cinder block fire pit is near the barn, you still need to keep the distance between the fire pit and the building structures, experts suggest that there should be at least 20 feet distance or more.  Make sure there is no wood furniture near the outdoor cinder block fire pit which can burn or else things will not go well. Also clear the tree vines, bushes and other items which are near in the base ground on which you plan to build the fire pit with cinder block.

Clear and mark the site for Cinder block fire-pit

Clear the area where you will build the cinder block fire pit. Now make the circular fire pit in the area, giving it a diameter of three to four feet, the diameter of the pit can be increased depending on the number of people who will sit around it.  Add one diameter for one additional person.  However, do not try to make large circles, cinder block firepit may not be stable, large blocks are easy to stack together as well. The idea diameter is four feet or five feet for the cinder block firepits designs.

Remove soil and Make Gravel for Cinder block fire pit

Now this step is tricky, you need to remove the soil from the ground which has been marked for the construction of cinder block firepit.  The first row of the cinder blocks will be laid below the ground and then more blocks will be added to the structure eventually. It is really important to add three inches of gravel on the site of the fire pit, particularly in the base. Gravel is helpful for the drainage.

Stacking and building the cinder block fire-pit

Now it is time to build the cinder block fire pit by stacking the cinder block over each other. Stacking the blocks will not take much time, it will help you build a temporary cinder block fire pit on the area which can be used for camping and different outdoor parties, you can throw barbecue parties to the friends during winter in the outdoor setting and then create this temporary cinder block fire-pit for them.  Permanent one needs a lot of work, for you should seek help of a professional builder.

Circular VS square cinder block fire pit design

Set the first row of the cinder blocks around the circles (4-5feet), and then when the first layer is done you should add more blocks to the interior corner. The holes which is automatically building inside the blocks should face upward. However if you are making a square cinder block fire pit then the blocks should be stacked together side by side not in the circles.

You need to keep layering up the blocks, the second layer will go over the first one and the third layer of cinder blocks should go over the second one and so one. Keep doing it until you have a fire pit which is 3 feet. If you are planning to make a permanent firepit you should add masonry adhesive between the layers for connecting the cinder blocks.  You need to wait until adhesive is dried out and firmed on the place before you make second or third layer of the fire pit using the cinder blocks. Top caps are added for creating very polished style cinder block fire pit design.


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