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Cob House Bathroom Plans

Cob house Decorating Ideas with Pros Cons

No doubt, cob house has great amount of attraction or magnetic appeal. When you look at this home, you feel like you are looking at a home from a fairy tale or storybook. In order to amplify aesthetics and fantasy touch, many designers create story book like cob house. Let’s get more information about this kind of home design.

What is Cob house made of?

This is a first question that comes into your mind when you look at the cob house pictures. It is a natural building material which is made of water, subsoil and fibrous materials like straw. Sometimes, lime is also used in the cob house plans.

Definition: A house made of clay, sand and straw is usually termed as cob house.

Cob House Pros and Cons

Here are some benefits and shortcomings of cob house designs.

Cob House Advantages:

  • The biggest advantage of cob house foundation is that it is fireproof .
  • This is really inexpensive to make.It also shows great seismic activity resistance.
  •   You can go creative with different cob house plans. People who like creativity, usually add artistic touch to cob house grand designs.
  • Cob house plans are energy efficient. This house remains cold in summer and hot in winter. So, you don’t have to spend much on electronics.
  • This house is really easy to build. Owner can create this house with a helping hand of a few workers.  Carpentry, plumbing and other basic skills are enough to build an attractive cob house.
  • You are able to have fun with this kind of house. You will go creative, since you have amazing ideas to try for a clay house walls and floor.
  • Cob house cost is very reasonable.

Cob Construction Disadvantages

  • Though it is a cheap home plan but it has some shortcomings that you should know before you go for cob house planning.
  • Durability totally depends on the environment of your country.  You can build this home but later you have to protect it with strong material.
  • Financing options for cob house are not available. It is an unusual home and no institution will be ready to give you a loan for building a mud house.
  • If you want to resell this home later then it won’t be easy for you to find the best price and buyer. You need to put several ads “ cob house for sale” on online forums just to get quick attention.
  • You might need to apply for building permit since you are going to build mud walls which require approval from authorities.

Just like other house plans, cob house interior needs some attention and a little home work from your side. You can create living room, bathroom and bedroom with beauty and style elements. Though cob house has some disadvantages but still it is a very attractive home plan. Would you like to consider it?


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