Comfortable Slim Console table

Slim console table for books living room yellow accent chair white paint gray sofa floor rug table decor

A slim console table could be placed anywhere in the living room, library and even in the bedroom for increasing the aesthetics of the rooms. Nice plants and pots could be decorated over the slim console table because it is usually handy in small spaces in which you cannot arrange big reading tables or desks for that matter.


Being slim, the table is adjustable in the corner, in the middle of room or beside other furniture items such as the closet. It does not take much of the space of the room and is often very lightweight, if it hinders your foot step in any way, it can be moved easily to a different location.

The slim style table easily replaces the fireplace mantel decoration, if you do not have one, you can place one table and decorate it with candles, family photos, books, magazine and all kinds of different stuff that you want to keep in the bedroom or the living room interior.  Wooden and stainless steel are two common materials used in the design for the slim console tables these days, however, if you wish to have a different table top, there is glass top for you which is very delicate and gorgeous, adds more to the depth of the interior of the room.

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