Multi-functional Convertible Coffee Table with advanced table features

Cute convertible coffee table cum bedding set

A convertible coffee table with advanced features could add more functionality to the small spaced rooms where large furniture items cannot be arranged due to lack of space and area. Depending on the design and feature, the convertible coffee table may come with a flip-top table, adjustable tabletop, large storage space underneath or with seating.

Convertible table could save a lot of space to the room where it is placed, people who do not have large sized dining table area usually arrange one coffee table which is designed with adjustable height. Basically the design is simple, having one height adjusting tool situated in the middle of the table, which allow the user to either flip-top the upper side table or pop it up for making extra serving space on it. The height of the convertible table is adjustable easy, it may offer some additional features such as a storage cabinet underneath in which all items can be stored for maintaining the neat and clean look of the living room or dining room.

Not only can you serve coffee and food on the convertible coffee table but also serve big meals by placing chairs around it, for you need to pop up the side space which are called slats and serving trays. The convertible table may come with two or four slats on each side depending on the design.

Besides, some convertible coffee tables have wide space underneath which has a bedding area, this piece of furniture suits well the area where space is limited such as small two bedroom apartment which cannot accommodate big families. Extra bedding sets can be prepared for the night by popping the bed underneath the convertible  coffee table.

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