Creative Stencils for Floors with Artistic Floor Painting Ideas

Floor painting ideas with floor stencils

Home decoration is becoming advanced with every passing day. There was a time when faux rug stencils were famous, they were created by painting colors. Now there are creative stencils for floors which can blow your mind. It’s really amazing to see that colors can be used so creatively for creating nice floor stencils and flooring artwork.

If you love to decorate your home, you might already be a art connoisseurs because we all know that decorating the home is more or less just like doing the artwork. If you love color and craft work, you might be interesting in trying some creative stencils for floors during special events such as Christmas, New year and parties. Floor painting is another way of doing the art, when you have skills and capabilities to do some craft work, you could use them for optimizing your home interior. Show other people how creative you could be.  Floor stencils are popular and common these days especially among Asians, Indians are known for painting the floors during Holi, they create very creative mandalas designs on the floors, which is a kind of religious activity for them.

Indians use painting colors for creating floor stencils, they make mandalas and other types of creative drawings which represent their cultures. Painting the floor stencils is nothing new for them. However, besides mandala designs there are more different ways for turning an ordinary floor into a creative artwork.  Contemporary flooring stencils can be done by randomly tapping off squares, rectangles, geometric shapes, circles, triangles, parallel lines and oblong shapes. If you are only painting the floor stencils for killing the time, you can try co-coordinating the rug stencil work, which is easier to make. You can definitely draw a faux rug stencil on the floor easily by using colors. Some homeowners use the technique on cement patio or side walk, they do floor stencils on the patio pathways to make them look attractive.

Now there are 3d flooring designs as well which create 3d art illusion. Reference:


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