Though we are providing quality information on designeroem.com but some parts of the content has been taken from reliable sources just for the reference. The images and photos are taken from good resouces as a part of illustration in the content, hence we believe that images we are using are posted under “public domain” and we affirm that we don’t intent to violate any rules and regulations stipulated by search engines, we don’t intend to infringe any artistic rights and intellectual copyrights either.
If you find any image or picture on the blog being associated with someone or being copyrighted, you can contact us immediately we will take it off and we promise that our actions will be in time.

The team of designeroem.com respects the work of other artists and it also respects the intellectual property of others, so if you think that your work has been copied in way that constitues copyright infringement, we would appreciate if you could contact us through proper channels and submit your claim by making a notice for copyright infrginement using the contact form. We will take crucial steps needed to solve the matter.
You can search this term online if confused:

Notice and procedure for making claims of copyright infringment in persuant to the Digital Millennium Copyright act.

We take immediate actions so please keep patience after submitting the notice.

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